How to Draw Admiral Ackbar

The original image for how to draw Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.

Did you know? Admiral Ackbar – famous for saying the line "It’s a trap!" in Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi… is originally from a planet called "Mon Calamari" – one completely covered by water, and with floating cities!

Pretty neat.

And yes, here in this cartoon drawing lesson – let’s definitely go ahead and see if we can draw a unique, simplified take on the character – one that for some strange reason, has him holding a miniature x-wing…

Let’s begin

How to Draw Admiral Ackbar

So first thing’s first then – when drawing Admiral Ackbar, or any character for that matter – it can really help quite a bit, if we first begin visualizing *how* he will look, composed of a series of "shapes and bones"…

Something to help us keep proportion and structure in mind, before we even go about drawing our lines.

Taking into account, Ackbar’s big fish-like head – here’s something to consider…

A simple framework for drawing Admiral Ackbar.

And then of course, fading our structure out to something nice and light – next go ahead and begin sketching the character.

A nice big eye is definitely a great place to start, and while we’re at it – why not go ahead and sketch in the lower part of his fish mouth.

Here’s how it looks…

Draw Admiral Ackbar's eye and mouth.

More simple lines, and next on the list – go ahead and bring in to view, a couple more parts of his head – a line to cement the collar area in place, and then another one that just sort of "contours" the inner part of his head.

Here’s how I approached it…

Sketch in the head area of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.

OK. How does your drawing look, this far in?

If it doesn’t look *exactly* like the one I drew – that’s totally fine. Just keep to the general gist of making this character, resemble somewhat – the one from the movie. It’s all about the big egg-shaped head, the eyes!, the mouth, etc.

Put a spin on it however you like – but just don’t deviate too far, or pretty soon – it won’t be so Ackbarish…

How to draw Admiral Ackbar's hands and body.

Mirroring over now – his left eye *as it might be seen* from this 3/4 angle…

Next, keep right on going – sketching in the various lines that help bring together, the rest of the Admiral’s super sharp & clean getup…

Draw in the remaining details of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.

So we’re just about done now.

Of course, seeing how I positioned the fingers/hand from before – definitely, we’ll want to make sure he’s holding something pretty cool.

And yes, naturally, the idea "toy x-wing" came to mind. I mean, why not!?

So, here it is…

Simple drawing of Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi.

Yes, and notice just how basic – the details of the mini x-wing are, too… doesn’t take too too much attention, to come up with something that looks like the original.

Well, colored and all…

Colored cartoon drawing of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Here’s what our Admiral Ackbar character looks like – a simplified version, of the original Star Wars – Return of the Jedi alien .

And that is all!

Hope you had some serious nostalgic fun with this cartoon tutorial – and of course, be seeing you real soon for another!

Bye for now.