How to Draw Angry Birds Characters

How to Draw Angry Birds - Red Bird and Minion Pig.

This lesson, let’s draw two characters from Angry Birds – the extremely popular game, one that’s made to be played on a variety of hand-held devices – those like iPhone, Android, and iPad.

And yes – we’ll focus in on one character from each side.

From the Bird’s side, it’ll be "The Red Bird" – known for it’s unique battle cry, as well as being a great way to *pop* Piggies, from their positions.

And then from the Piggy’s side – it’s a take on the standard-looking small to medium "Minion" pig.

Got your pencil?

Learn How to Draw Angry Birds – ‘Red Bird’ and ‘Minion Pig’

First thing about this lesson – it’s meant to be a ‘homage’ to the actual characters in the game.

So yes, while these designs certainly *look close* to the originals…

They’re actually different, a slightly unique twist – helping to encourage some creativity, along the way.

Now – down to the basic shapes, drawing both characters at the same time…

It all begins with two circles, like so…

Two simple frameworks for drawing Angry Birds characters.

Simple so far, right!?

Those green circles above, help to mark off the main distinguishing features, between the two characters.

Red Bird, of course – having a beak, one that can be based around a circle. And Minion Pig, having a snout – based around an oval.

On to the lines now, fading out the frameworks – begin to draw these two Angry Birds characters – and yes, please use these steps, to help you with ideas as you progress…

Draw the beak and snout for Red Bird and Minion Pig in Angry Birds.

The beginning of a beak (left), and snout (right) – already, we get a feel for how the drawings will come to be.

Have a peek up top if you like, so you can see where these starting points – fit in, to the bigger picture.

Moving on!

Sketch in the eyebrows, beak and eyes for your Angry Birds cartoon characters.

Notice – what we drew last, is now grey.

And what we’re drawing now – is black.

Bring areas of your Angry Birds characters into view – beak, eyebrows, etc. – and then, it’s on to the next step…

Angry Birds character characters Red Bird and Minion Pig almost complete.

There they are!

Nice how the eyes (windows to the soul) – really help to cement that look and feel, for a particular character.

It’s getting easier to see – these guys are both from the hit game, Angry Birds.

Drawing of Angry Birds cartoon characters - sketching their faces.

Continuing onward – you can see how I’m attempting to develop each character, slightly differently, given that yes – their physical features, call for different line strokes, at different times.

There’s a bit more going on with Minion Pig’s face, for example. So more time is needed to bring the mouth area into view.

Yet with Red Bird, the face is completed a bit sooner. His beak is closed, and it just takes a few tries – to get the lines composing his beak – "just right".

How to draw the feathers and ears of Red Bird and Minion Pig in Angry Birds.

Moving along – our Angry Birds characters, just about complete now – go ahead and sketch in the core of each, drawing out the perimeter of their bodies – using the circle guideline to help you progress.

Notice how Minion Pig’s body, appears flatter at the bottom?

Drawing the heads for Red Bird and Minion Pig in Angry Birds.

Well, just a few more details – feathers, eyebrows, teeth, etc. – and our characters are ready for some color…

As well as some further touching up.

A sketch of details in Angry Birds characters - Red Bird and Minion Pig.

Here they are – black lines only…

Cartoon drawing of Angry Birds cartoon characters - Red Bird and Minion Pig.

And then colored – nice!…

Colored cartoon drawing of Angry Birds cartoon characters - Red Bird and Minion Pig.

And then, with one more tweak – a black line (two strokes on the computer – one white, followed by one black)…

Finished Angry Birds cartoon drawing image - Red Bird and Minion Pig.

And we’ve got two worthy characters, ready for battle in one of the best selling games, the world has ever seen!

So, how did you like this lesson? Hope you loved it. 🙂

See you real soon for another!