How to Draw an Apatosaurus

Cartoon drawing of an apatosaurus dinosaur.

So why is the apatosaurus so amazing? Well for one thing… it was big! And this is something we especially find fascinating about dinosaurs…

Dinosaurs were HUUUGE!!

If you remember in the movie Jurassic Park… the brachiosaurus was the first dinosaur we got to see. And besides the fact that it was a dinosaur.. it’s shear size alone was what made it truly captivating on screen.

Something interesting about this dinosaur is that it’s often referred to as the ‘brontosaurus‘ or even ‘Thunder Lizard‘. Most paleontologists however, feel that there aren’t enough differences between the two to have two different dinosaur names and so, we’ll stick with the name at hand!

Alright, let’s get on with the lesson…

Draw a circle to begin creating your apatosaurus dinosaur cartoon.

First Step – A Big Circle…

Yes, you read it correctly! I’m going to keep this lesson nice and simple. Actually, this style of dinosaur is fairly simple to draw anyways.

Unlike the other dinosaurs up to this point, this dinosaur is very straight forward with respect to its appearance. Sure it’s big – but this doesn’t have anything to do with how difficult it is to draw!

To show you what I mean, go ahead and start your dinosaur off by drawing a medium-sized oval (or circle) on the page in front of you.

Got your circle drawn? Great! Here’s how the rest of the framework comes to be…

A simple framework for drawing a cartoon apatosaurus. Another framework drawing for an apatosaurus cartoon.

From the large oval, go ahead and draw two long lines – one to become the neck, and the other to become the tail. Draw each of these lines to be curved or even straightened as you see fit. Keep it simple!

Next, it’s a small oval for the head (just like the stegosaurus) and some simple lines for the legs.

And when you’re done, let’s continue by drawing the actual dinosaur…

And Next… Draw Your Towering Apatosaurus!

With an ultra-simple framework like the one you just drew, creating an apatosaurus drawing of your own on paper will be a fairly simple task now. Begin by drawing the head and neck of your dinosaur…

A cartoon apatosaurus head framework drawing. Drawing the head and neck of a cartoon apatosaurus.

Simple and to the point, the head neck and even the rest of the apatosaurus’ body follow suit according to the framework that you drew out. Use the framework as a guideline only. Have fun coming up with your own unique shape for your drawing.

And here’s how the rest of the lesson pans out…

How to draw an apatosaurus - drawing the body and tail. Drawing of an apatosaurus complete with framework underneath.

As you use the framework to create the body and tail of your dinosaur, you’ll quickly find yourself… DONE! The only real tricky part is the feet. And hey, by all means… draw them to be more square-like if you wish as it will make the process even easier. And in the end, you’ll still be left with exactly what you were aiming to draw — a towering apatosaurus!

Oh, and that’s it! You’re done! Congratulations and see you again soon for another cartoon dinosaur drawing lesson! 🙂