How to Draw a Beholder

How to draw a beholder, a monster from Dungeons & Dragons - final colored image.

Remember the "beholder" in the movie – Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell?

Actually, this wild-looking creature is popular in the Dungeons & Dragons RPG series, as well as in video games and other media. A head with and eye – and then some more eyes… yup – this is a fun lesson indeed! 🙂

Eye can’t wait to get started!

First Step – A Circle for a MONSTROUS-LOOKING Head!

Take any circle from any other lesson – add the cross for easier placement of the features (eyes, mouth, etc.) – and that’s all there really is to mapping out your drawing ahead of time.

Here it is…

Circlular framework for a cartoon beholder drawing. Cartoon beholder drawing framework - small green circles for eyes.

The green circles of course – represent all the little tiny eyes that squirm off the sides, kind of like snakes… kind of like – Medusa! Hmmm… this would be a good start to a Medusa lesson come to think of it.

Well, let’s keep going…

Second Step – Draw Your Beholder, Step by Step

OK – put on your "creativity cap" and let’s hit the paper. Seriously – there are TONS of different ways this monster can look. As simple as an eye over a circle – you’ve really got a lot of freedom as to just how wild-looking you can make yours.

Bigger eyes – more eyes – more horns – more teeth – sharper teeth – more ‘drool’ ! – different color… the list goes on and on and on…

Drawing time!… starting with the upper brow, and eye – centered around the cross, like so…

Drawing the upper eye of the cartoon beholder. Completing the large eye of the cartoon beholder.

Next up, move on down to sketch in the mouth area. Notice how I’m using the circle as a simple guideline?…

Drawing of the mouth of a cartoon beholder. More mouth details for a cartoon beholder drawing.

Now, keep on going with your monster drawing – this time, drawing the gums, some saliva dripping down, and then tucked in behind… the teeth.

Gums and mouth details for a cartoon beholder image. Cartoon beholder image with sharp teeth.

Now, mirroring what we’ve already done with the main part of our monster’s head – do the same (more simplified) thing, to the smaller eyes that surround it, indicated by the green circles…

Cartoon beholder drawing with many eyes. Circles to depict smaller eyes in a cartoon beholder drawing.

Add in the pupils, complete the head area – and draw a couple horns too, if you like…

Cartoon beholder drawing - monster with seven eyes. Final drawing of cartoon beholder with framework underneath.

Awesome – here’s how it looks, minuse the framework – black lines only. And then, colored…

Simple cartoon beholder monster drawing. Colored cartoon drawing of a beholder - a monster from the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

While not the ‘prettiest’ sight by any means – this cartoon beholder was one of those drawing lessons that’s just plain fun to bring into view.

I hope you enjoyed it – and further more – I hope this inspired you to make even more cool-looking monsters of your own!

Fantastic job. 🙂