How to Draw Big Bird

Big Bird cartoon image

Big Bird is easily one of the most popular characters from Sesame Street. For me, he’s always been the first one to come to mind… him and Cookie Monster. Here, let’s take a look at drawing this character – and in a very easy-to-follow manner at that!

As you’re working through this lesson, note the variation in the perimeter of the lines. Little bumps here and there – along an otherwise straight path… give off the impression of feathers.

Let’s begin!

First Step – The Structure of Big Bird

This character’s simple enough to draw – if we first understand the structure involved in bringing him forward in a close likeness to the one we see on Sesame Street. To do this, it helps to first visualize what shapes are where – namely circles.

Here are some distinct features to include…

Simple circles for drawing Big Bird A framework for drawing Big Bird Continuing the framework for drawing Big Bird

I positioned a smaller circle INSIDE the head circle – as truly – his eyes and beak are the focal points of the head, and should be treated as such. In this way, you get a better sense for how his ‘head plumage’ fans out from behind.

And now – we draw!

Second Step – How to Draw a Big Bird

Where’s the best place to start? You guessed it… the eyes! And due to a slight 3/4 head turn (looks better than straight on for the purpose of this lesson) – use the sequence below to make the process all the more easy.

Here are the simple steps for drawing this beloved Sesame Street character…

Drawing Big Bird's eye and beak Completing Big Bird's eye and beak Drawing Big Bird's head Drawing Big Bird's upper body How to Draw Big Bird's hand Drawing Big Bird's arms Drawing Big Bird's lower body How to draw Big Bird's feet How to draw Big Bird's toes Drawing Big Bird's legs Black and white drawing of Big Bird Cartoon drawing of big bird

Big, yellow and ‘bird-like’ – that’s really all there is to it. Key features like his eyelids and the pink ‘rings’ on his legs, definitely help to make him look more like the character we’re trying to draw.

One thing to note though — it might be better to make his eyes just a tad bigger with more white exposed. Or better yet, at least have his eyelids to be more visible – as the aqua/pink combo is truly a trademark of this character.

One last detail I changed… the thickness of his neck. Sometimes – when drawing, you might not get everything exactly the way you like it to. That’s OK though. Drawing something over is great practice – and also… a quick fix up by adjusting a few lines (like above) will often to the trick!

Anything else? Nope! You’re all done. 🙂