Create a Bruce Lee Cartoon

Cartoon drawing of Bruce Lee, holding nunchucks in his yellow and black Enter the Dragon uniform.

Drawing a Bruce Lee cartoon like the one you see above, is simple enough for most people to do. And that’s something I kept in mind while creating this lesson… making things easy so you can really have fun with it.

Hands down – Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists ever to have lived. I’ve always loved his movies – but even more so, the wisdom he shared with so many throughout his life.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Mr. Lee:

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.

– Bruce Lee

These words relate yes – to practicing martial arts of course… but also, to practicing, learning, and improving at many other things in life as well — drawing included! Aside from drawing the things you love, ensure that you identify and develop – those points in your abilities that you find you are strongest at. And then, once you’ve peaked in a certain area… take things to another level, and make them uniquely your own.

Alright, let’s get drawing!

First Step – Design a Stance for Your Bruce Lee Cartoon

Before we get drawing, it can be very helpful to set out a framework for the position your character will take on – ahead of time. Here, I wanted to incorporate a couple things… 1 – Bruce Lee’s famous yellow nunchaku (more often referred to as ‘nunchucks’) and 2 – the ‘horse riding stance’ – one of many different positions to learn in Kung Fu.

Here’s a simple outline to go by…

Bruce Lee cartoon framework for a step by step drawing lesson. Bruce Lee cartoon framework with nunchucks.

Because the nunchaku will appear closest to the observer – Bruce Lee’s arms outstretched in front of him, a couple circles will work out fine for his hands. Perspective taken into account, we can get away with eliminating the need to draw most of the arms altogether.

OK then, got a simple guideline to work from? Great! Let’s get to then… let’s draw a Bruce Lee cartoon…

Second Step – Draw Bruce Lee, Step by Step

Sequence in mind, there are often ‘best ways’ to tackle a drawing when one part obstructs or overlaps another.

Draw Bruce Lee’s face and head first, but after – move on down to the hands and nunchaku area along the green guideline. This way, drawing his torso and the rest of his body afterwards, will be all the more easy.

Here’s how to create a simple likeness to the character…

Drawing a cartoon face for Bruce Lee. Drawing Lee's hairstyle. Completing Bruce Lee's hair. Drawing Bruce Lee's face. Beginning Bruce Lee's hands. Drawing nunckucks for Bruce Lee. Drawing the hands for Bruce Lee. Drawing Bruce Lee's hands around the nunchucks. Drawing the actual nunchucks for Bruce Lee. Drawing Bruce Lee's upper body. Drawing Bruce Lee's legs. Drawing Bruce Lee's underside. Completing a cartoon drawing of Bruce Lee. Black and white cartoon drawing of Bruce Lee.

Compared to the finished drawing of Bruce Lee up top, you’ll notice some slight differences in both his hands, and the way I colored his ‘Game of Death’ – yellow & black jump suit. Make the changes as you feel necessary.

Also – once you’ve ‘absorbed what you’ve found to be of use’ in this lesson – don’t hesitate to go back and change things a second time through – making it uniquely your own. 🙂

And that’s how to draw a simple Bruce Lee cartoon.

And never forget… be like water 🙂