How to Draw a Calla Lily

Calla lily cartoon image

The South African Calla Lily is as wonderfully unique to look at as it is to draw. Different in shape from pretty much any other flower I can think of – it truly is in a league of its own.

While many of the flowers on the site are very simple to draw, the case just isn’t the same with the calla. It takes on shape of a funnel and so, interpreting and producing the position of its petals on paper can be somewhat tricky.

Still, when it comes to drawing – there’s always a way to simplify and continue forward. Here, we can use some simple shapes to help out. All of a sudden, drawing a calla lily sounds a little bit easier!

And so, go ahead and ‘dive right in’ to this one… take your time and have fun as you learn how to draw one of the most unique flowers found anywhere on the planet…

Calla lily framework drawing

First Step – A Simple Calla Lily Framework

Recognize these three shapes? Sure you do… go ahead and draw them similar to how I’ve done on the left. Begin with an upside down triangle, and follow it up with an oval and a rectangle.

It’s the triangle that help in maintaining the funnel-like shape of your calla. The oval and rectangle are in place to map out the transition from the flower/petal area to the stem.

Something you may want to keep in mind before you continue on… I marked this lesson as ‘Intermediate’ for a good reason. I leave things up to you as to how you go about drawing the curved lines that compose your flower…

I think that in doing this, you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome as there are different angles that the calla can be viewed from, and interestingly… the curvature of the lines will change accordingly when viewed from each one.

Second Step – Draw Four Well-Placed Curved Lines

OK, time for those lines. It’s important that you take your time at this stage of the lesson. Use my lines to guide you along, but feel free to change the curvature, length and relative position of each line. Aim for your own unique look here!

Here’s how to draw the petals…

Calla lily drawing lesson - the first petal Calla lily drawing lesson - completing the petal Calla lily drawing lesson - adding the final lines

Beginning at the upper-right corner of the triangle, draw a curved line running right to left. Initially, it should dip down. Then, after it connects with the upper-left corner of the triangle, have it swerve up and to the left — away from the triangle.

For the second line, continue at the point where you left off the first one. Use the triangle to guide you as you draw a long, curved, ‘swooping’ line down and around towards and to the base of your calla lily. Hands down – this is the hardest line to draw so again… take your time!

With the first two lines in place, the second two are much simpler to draw because you get to use your framework to guide you. Draw two additional curved lines to complete the funnel-shaped petals of your calla lily, just as I’ve done above.

Well, things are definitely looking good! Let’s wrap it up now with a few finishing touches…

Calla lily cartoon drawing

Final Step – Finishing Touches

Bringing the calla lily into view while at first may seem difficult, becomes a lot easier once you A – get rid of the underlying framework, and B – add its ‘trademark’ details.

The first detail to note would be a second curved line that runs alongside and above the first line that you drew in Step Two. It creates the illusion that the petal is curving around – and down toward you.

Next, draw the pistil in the center, followed by two more curved lines to further illustrate (in a simple cartoonish way) that the petals curving up and away from the center.

Aside from satisfying the urge to color your calla, there’s still room left for one last little detail – the skinny spike-like extension that grows off the end of the funnel-like petals. Draw it at the very tip so that it looks natural and goes with the flow of the first two lines that you drew, that meet at this point.

And yes – now you’re finished! A beautiful South African Calla Lily drawn solely by you… Very nice! 🙂