How to Draw a Candy Cane

How to draw a candy cane cartoon, with a bow - final colored image.

In this lesson, learn how to draw a candy cane – just likek the finished example shown here.

Small, medium, large – and in as many different colors as you can ponder up… a candy cane is always a huge hit at Christmas. They make the perfect decorations because when it’s time to take them down — you get to eat them!

Another thing too… they’re also really simple to draw as you’ll soon discover. Four lines is all it takes for the main stick-like portion, along with an assortment of other simple lines for the stripes.

So are you ready to get started then? Great! Here we go…

First Step – First Three Lines

Begin your drawing by sketching an actual ‘cane’. Start with a vertical line just as I’ve done in the example on the left.

Drawing a simple candy cane.

Basically, all you do is continue drawing the vertical line so that it curves up and around at the end, to form sort of a hook.

After this, draw two small curved lines at either end. Both lines should be close to the same width as they will determine the the thickness.

Keep in mind, the lines you see to the left – are done on the computer, using Adobe Photoshop.

It’s so important, to keep lose – and not be so focused on perfect, and so…

Please don’t aim to make your drawing "perfect" like what I have here in the example. You can draw a cane to look all sorts of different ways, and lines don’t need to be 100% straight.

Let go every now and then, as you’re creating. It’s so important – and it makes pushing through to the end, so much easier!

To better understand this, take a look at this…

Second Step – Give Your Candy Cane Stripes!

Draw the fourth line along side the first line that you drew – the one that looks like an actual cane.

Completing the candy cane and adding stripes.

As you do so, make sure that you maintain a consistent width from top to bottom. This is important as you don’t want to end up with an uneven-looking drawing.

And once you’ve got an even-looking sketch to work with, take the next step to make it an actual ‘candy’ cane!…

Surely, it’s just not the same without its stripes! And so, go ahead and draw as many lines as it takes to make it look striped from top to bottom.

Draw more or less lines depending on whether you want the stripes to look thin (more lines) or thick (less lines).

And other than that, you’re all done!

You now know how to draw a simple candy cane, one that looks as delicious and sweet as it tastes in real life! 🙂