How to Draw Cartoon Aliens

How to draw cartoon aliens - finished colored image of a grey alien standing upright.

Drawing cartoon aliens will become a much easier task after you’ve worked through this lesson. How so? Well, just like the ones in the movies – the ‘grays‘ as they’re often referred to as… the alien you’re going to be creating very soon is very similar in shape to a small person.

And here’s why that means it’s easier to draw…

These kinds of aliens, while similar in physical appearance to humans, actually have a lot less details. They’ve got no hair, very few facial features, a big oval head and two big ovular eyes… and a small body than can be proportionately altered in a number of different ways.

Yup… definitely easier!

If you like, refer back to one of the Cartoon People drawing lessons as I think it may help give you an idea of how the body of an alien is similar to the shape of a person – before we finalize her or him with details.

And when you’re ready, let’s continue with the lesson and draw some eerie cartoon aliens of our own!

First – Design a Simple Framework and Draw Your Alien!

Similar to the recent string of cartoon people lessons – Woman, Man, Girl and Boy… designing a humanoid cartoon alien is again, quite similar. As mentioned above, the one difference that really stands out (from a drawing standpoint) is that drawing a humanoid version will be much easier!

Take a look at this…

Stick person for drawing a cartoon alien. Drawing the head of the cartoon alien. Drawing the body of the cartoon alien. Drawing the hands and feet of the cartoon alien.

As you can see, the original framework is a little bit distorted in comparison to say, a cartoon boy. The head is bigger, the neck and arms are longer, and the legs seem somewhat shorter.

Actually, it’s quite often that when drawing a monster – you can refer back to how to draw people. There are many humanoid monsters – vampires, werewolves, zombies, skeletons… and the list goes on. The key is to be able to manipulate and distort the natural form of the human, to give you something truly monstrous! – just like this alien.

Drawing of a green alien, standing upright.

And Then – Make Your Cartoon Alien Unique!

When all is said and drawn, you’ve got a spooky-looking little gray alien of your own. So, why not turn it into one of the ‘little green men‘ as coined in some of the many hollywood movies about aliens.

This of course would require you dig into the pencil crayons. But hey, it doesn’t really have to stop there – does it? Nah, go ahead and change your alien to look the way you want it to.

It’s a good thing to remember that the lessons here on this site – including this one, are designed to give you the opportunity to be creative in your own way. This little alien is nice and symmetrical, giving you the general gist of how to draw one.

So, after a few tries, you’ll then be able to move into a different direction and come up with cartoon aliens that truly depict your own unique creative style. And really, that’s what it’s all about! 🙂

Well, hope you enjoyed this ‘close cartoon alien encounter’… be sure to come back real soon for some more cartoon drawing lessons that are truly out of this world!