How to Draw a Cartoon Angel

Cartoon angel standing upright and praying, with halo and robe.

Drawing a graceful cartoon angel – just like the one you see below, is made all the more easy when you take sequence into account. Quite often, drawing something in the correct order really does make the process a whole lot simpler, and I like to show you just how so in this lesson.

If you remember the Cartoon Princess lesson, we simplified the lower part of her framework because as one shape due to the simple triangular shape of her dress. Well, same goes here. The dress in itself is one simple shape. And just like before, we’ll take another shortcut! 🙂

And so, here’s how to draw a cartoon angel…

First Step – A Unique and Simple Framework to Draw a Cartoon Angel

Keeping things symmetrical and simple, draw yourself a framework similar to the one I’ve illustrated in the examples. Notice the use of two horizontal lines – one to form a cross over the face – the other, mapping out the horizontal position of her forearms.

Here’s how to sketch a nice-looking framework…

Drawing a framework for a cartoon angel. Positioning the arms and hands of the cartoon angel. Drawing the wings of the cartoon angel.

The blue vertically-aligned ovals that you see beneath the head circle are actually the angel’s hands as they come together in a praying position. This is not to imply that your angel’s hands should look ovular, but it does help to guide you as you draw them – however you intend them to look.

Finishing up with two diagonal lines for her wings, let’s now continue on to the actual drawing part…

Second Step – Draw the Upper Portion

As I mentioned up top… in this lesson – sequence is of the essence. This cartoon angel’s arms are set in front of the rest of her body. So, it only makes sense that we draw this part first. After, sketching in the lines (those that aren’t obstructed!) in and around her torso will be much easier.

In three parts, here’s how to sketch her upper half…

Drawing the face and hands of the cartoon angel. Drawing the sleeves of the cartoon angel. Drawing the hair of the cartoon angel.

And yes — I really did stick with the ‘ovals for hands’ didn’t I! Well, actually – it’s not a bad way to go about it. To see what I mean, take a look at what real hands would look like when viewed from straight on in this position. The ovular shape I’ve drawn here is pretty close likeness, I’d say.

Sequence considered, carry on like so: Arms > Sleeves > Hair > Lower Head > Neck > Shoulders. That’ll get you to the next step – no problem at all.

Ready to continue? Alright, let’s do just that…

Final Step – Draw in Her Body, Feet, Halo and Wings

In one final phase of this cartoon angel drawing lesson, move on down to draw in her dress and feet. Again, similar to the Cartoon Princess from before, the dress of your angel can be simplified as one shape. And not necessarily a triangle… here the dress/gown is more ovular and curvy in nature.

And after that – give your cartoon angel a halo and a pair of wings, just like this…

Drawing the body of the cartoon angel. Drawing of a cartoon angel.

When all is said and drawn, you’ve got yourself a very nice-looking graceful cartoon angel — perfect for a number of different angel-related occasions… decorations, cards, ornaments, crafts… get creative!

Well, that concludes our lesson. Hope you had fun! 🙂