How to Draw Cartoon Animals

Cartoon lions! Cartoon tigers! Cartoon bears! Who doesn’t love cartoon animals?

Ever since I was a kid, drawing animals has always been a favorite. A lot of it had to do with the many pets I had growing up.

But I’m pretty sure the Saturday morning cartoons had something to with it too! 🙂

In this section of the site, you’ll be able to work on and improve your cartoon animal drawing skills, drawing all sorts of different creatures from throughout the animal kingdom.

Here’s a tip…

When it comes to drawing cartoon animals. You may have noticed that many animals actually look quite similar to one another. Well, this helps a lot when it comes to drawing them…

Group of cartoon animals that you can learn how to draw with free online drawing lessons on this website.

For example, think about what a horse looks like for a second.

What other animal does it resemble?

A cow? A zebra? A donkey?

Actually, it resembles all of them… and other animals too!

Deer, giraffes and even elephants also fit the profile when it comes to drawing cartoon animals.

Because animals of different kinds can look similar in many ways, it becomes easier to draw cartoon animals when you know how to draw others that are similar.

Horses – just like cows, stand upright on four legs and they’re about the same size too. Also, the head and tail are in about the same basic position.


Learn to draw a horse first, and drawing a cow later on will actually seem pretty simple.

Well, time to put it to the test and draw some cartoon animals of your own! Select a cartoon animal lesson from the list below and begin!

Beginner   |    Intermediate   |    Advanced


  • Tiger Panda Crossover

    Learn how to draw cute cartoon character, crossover between a tiger and a panda bear.

  • Rabbit Drawing

    Here, draw a cute and simple rabbit – one that’s composed of quick, “sketchy” lines.

  • Cartoon Clownfish

    Let’s draw a cool-looking take, on everyone’s favorite – deep sea dweller… a clownfish!

  • Cartoon Meerkat

    In this lesson, learn how to draw a neat-looking cartoon animal meerkat, straight out of Africa.

  • Cartoon Firefly

    Through the process of bioluminescense – this cartoon firefly attracts a mate and food as well!

  • Honey Bear

    Super agile – nocturnal – loves figs!… lives in Costa Rica… let’s draw a Kinkajou (aka Honey Bear)!

  • How to Draw a Cartoon Jack

    Another fish-focused lesson… here – let’s draw a unique-looking cartoon jack.

  • Sloth-Like Character

    Draw a funny cartoon character that resembles a sloth. Can you make yours look different?

  • Cartoon Jellyfish… with Eyes!

    When drawing a cartoon jellyfish – it’s all about… the eyes! Makes it all the more fun.

  • Draw a Cute Cartoon Cat

    Learn how to draw a cute cartoon cat – similar to the ‘Ragdoll’ variety.

  • How to Draw a Snake

    Another reptilian cartoon animal – learn to draw a customizeable snake!

  • Cartoon Lizard

    Draw a cute and generic cartoon lizard. Get creative and turn yours into… a gecko? Bearded dragon!!?

  • Draw a Cartoon Seahorse

    Drawing a cartoon seahorse like this one is super easy when you know what one looks like. Yup… a horse!

  • The Crabbiest Lesson on the Site

    In this cartoon animals lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon crab. Come up with a unique color combo!

  • Cartoon Ladybug

    Learn how to draw a simple and sleepy-looking, cartoon ladybug. Change it up a little, and it’s a beetle!

  • How to Draw an Elephant

    Learn to draw an elephant in this simple cartoon drawing lesson. Decide upon a unique color scheme.

  • Cartoon Otter

    Here, draw your very own otter cartoon – or a ferret – or a meerkat – or a prairie dog!

  • Cartoon Whale

    Learn how to draw a simple ‘compact’ cartoon whale. Change it to look how you like!

  • How to Draw a Fish

    Learning how to draw a fish – simple and cartoony like this Rainbow Trout — is easy to do!

  • Cartoon Spider

    Proceed with caution!! Learn how to draw two different spiders, one cute – the other SCARY!!

  • How to Draw a Koala

    Drawing a koala is really easy. Here, draw two similar koalas – both mother and baby.

  • Draw a Cartoon Manatee

    Learning how to draw a manatee really is easy due to their simple basic shape. Do so here!

  • Draw a Cartoon Panda

    Check it out. Fourteen circles is all it takes to draw a simple, cute! cartoon panda. Create one of your own.

  • Friendly Cartoon Bear

    Of all the cartoon animals, bears are among the easiest to draw. Grizzlies, polars – you name it!

  • Drawing Cartoon Tigers

    So what’s so grrrrrrrrrreat about this drawing lesson? Tigers of course! Draw a striped cat of your own.

  • Cartoon Fox Drawing Lesson

    Known to be tricky, drawing one is completely the opposite. Learn how to draw an odd-look ingcartoon fox.

  • Upright Cartoon Rabbit

    Drawing a cartoon rabbit is easy to do when you start with some simple shapes – all circles! Check it out.

  • Drawing a Cartoon Elephant

    Drawing a cartoon elephant like this one is a really easy task – especially with some ‘shapely’ planning first!

  • Clockwise Cartoon Mouse

    Here, learn to draw a cartoon mouse, creating each part by working around in a clockwise direction.

  • Cute & Coiled Cartoon Snake

    A cute snake!? Who ever heard of such a thing? I did! And I drew it here. And now, you can draw one too!

  • Easy-to-Draw Cartoon Lion

    Cute? Yes. But don’t forget… he’s still the King of the Jungle and all the cartoon animals!

  • A Hoppity Cartoon Frog

    This little guy just can’t wait to jump all over the place! In this simple drawing lesson, draw a simple frog.

  • Cartoon Fish

    In this lesson, use only a circle and a cross to create a simple, generic cartoon fish.

  • How to Draw a Cartoon Dogs

    Take your cartoon dogs a step further by learning how the same ‘dog framework’ can yield many different dogs!

  • Drawing Cartoon Cats

    Take your cartoon cats a step further by learning how the same ‘cat framework’ can yield many different cats!

  • Drawing of a Butterfly

    See your drawing abilities take flight as you create a simple cartoon drawing of a butterfly!

  • Cartoon Turtle

    A cute little cartoon turtle just for you. In only a few very simple steps, have one all for yourself!


  • Zebra

    Here’s a neat take on a very famous African animal… learn to create a cool zebra drawing.

  • Panda Bear

    Let’s draw a simple panda bear character – one seen from its side in the standing position.

  • Raccoon Cartoon

    Here, create a cute little raccoon character – one that’s sitting in an upright position.

  • How to Draw a Seal

    Here, draw a ferocious leopard seal – one that lives in Antarctica, and feeds on penguins! 😮

  • Cartoon Walrus

    I don’t know how it happened – but this drawing of a walrus, ended up looking like a pug!

  • Cartoon Orca

    Here’s a fun “ocean-focused” tutorial… learn how to draw a cute-looking, jumping, cartoon orca (killer whale)!

  • Whale Shark Drawing

    A “monster” cartoon whale shark drawing, seeing how it has those big, razor sharp teeth!?

  • How to Draw a Wolf

    Here in this lesson, let’s draw a simple side-view of a wolf. Change up the color pattern, to make it more unique.

  • Cartoon kangaroos

    The second kangaroo lesson on this page – draw a refined, slicker, *better* version, of the first one!

  • Cartoon Butterfly

    Learn how to draw a vibrant Blue Morpho cartoon butterfly – straight out of the rain forests, of Costa Rica!

  • Cartoon Jaguar

    This was a fun lesson. The jaguar/panther you see – is based on how the animal may look (or not even close!), 1000 years from now.

  • Cartoon Sloth

    Another rainforest-focused cartoon animal drawing lesson, here – learn how to draw a cute-looking sloth, hanging to the side of a tree.

  • Cartoon Chipmunk

    In this lesson, create your very own unique-looking chipmunk character – guarding a stash of acorns..

  • Cartoon Cobra

    Learn how to draw a deadly (but cute!) cobra snake, one that’s poised and ready to strike.

  • Cartoon Chameleon

    In this animal drawing lesson, learn how to draw your very own, colorful cartoon chameleon.

  • Cartoon Squirrel

    Draw a variegated cartoon squirrel… change up the colors to make yours unique to you.

  • Cartoon Iguana

    Learn how to draw a colorful exotic-looking green iguana. Switch up the colors for a spin of your own!

  • Praying Mantis

    Learn how to draw a cartoonified praying mantis. See if you can stylize yours differently.

  • Cartoon Catfish

    Learn how to draw a funny cartoon catfish. Notice the similarities to other fish lessons here on the site.

  • Saber Tooth Tiger

    Learn how to draw this prehistoric feline. Imagine and draw a saber tooth tiger!

  • Another Cute Frog

    Draw another frog – and again… red-eyed like the first one. Just love this type!

  • Draw Another Giraffe!

    Learn to draw a cartoon giraffe – a pattern similar to one you’d see in the wild.

  • Cartoon Lobster

    From an image of a real lobster – I’ve uniquely stylized a brand new cartoon one. Do the same here!

  • Tuna Fish Cartoon

    Here’s a fun one. Create a neat-looking fish cartoon – based on a yellow fin tuna.

  • Cartoon Octopus

    Let’s draw an eight-legged deep-sea dweller. Come up with a unique cartoon octopus!

  • Cartoon Sharks

    One of my all-time favorite creatures to draw… a shark – and a ‘Great White’ at that!

  • Draw a Sea Turtle

    Some time ago, we talked about drawing a sea turtle. The time has come… draw one here!

  • Cartoon Squid

    Learn how to draw another creature of the sea… a cute little cartoon squid.

  • Cartoon Shrimp

    In this sea-creature-focused lesson, let’s tackle one of the tastiest crustaceans – a shrimp!

  • Cartoon Rat

    Learn how to draw a very simple cartoon rat. Generic as it may be – take yours to another level!

  • Wooly Mammoth

    Learn how to draw a cartoon wooly mammoth. First, sketch in the lines. Second, creatively detail the ‘wool’.

  • Draw a lion

    Learn how to draw a male lion, standing – and with a full mane.

  • Cartoon Polar Bear

    Learn how to draw a simple cartoon polar bear in yet another creature-geared lesson.

  • Cartoon Possum

    Create a neat-looking cartoon possum. Add grey and pink to make it look even better!

  • Cartoon Kangaroo

    Drawing a cartoon kangaroo is fairly simple. Here, let’s draw a mother… a baby in her pouch.

  • How to Draw Dogs

    Drawing dogs is tons of fun. Here, learn how to draw a dog that most resembles a Great Dane.

  • How to Draw Cats

    Here’s another lesson focused on drawing cats. Have some fun as you bring your own unique cat to life!

  • Cartoon Snail

    Drawing a cartoon snail like this one, is both simple and quick. At your own speed — draw one!

  • Cartoon Shark

    Using a rather unique approach, learn how to draw a fierce ‘great white-style’ cartoon shark.

  • Cartoon Gecko

    Learn how to draw a simple cartoon gecko. Change the color and pattern to define it as ‘leopard’ or ‘day’.

  • Cartoon Crocodile

    Drawing cartoon animals like this crocodile is simple when you use the ‘shish kabob style’ technique!

  • Cartoon Puppy

    Babies have big heads and big eyes. And with respect to drawing, the same can go for a ‘baby dog’.

  • Cartoon Hippo

    Often referred to as the ‘most dangerous animal in Africa’ – this happy cartoon hippo is anything but.

  • Cartoon Moose

    Similar to the elephant before, learn how to draw a cartoon moose – one that’s looking at you straight on.

  • Cartoon Cows

    Here, learn how to draw your own cartoon cows. After, attempt the horse drawing lesson using the same method.

  • Customize a Cartoon Giraffe

    How do you want your cartoon giraffe to look? A simple, curved line gets the job done quite nicely.

  • Draw a Cartoon Horse

    Saddle up and gallop into a brand new cartoon animal drawing lesson – draw your very own cartoon horse!

  • Cartoon Dolphin with Character

    It’s everyone’s favorite friendly creature of the sea! Learn how to draw a cartoon dolphin with character!

  • How to Draw a Cartoon Bee

    So what’s all the buzz? Drawing a cartoon bee of course! Learn how to draw a bee of your very own.

  • How to Draw a Cartoon Sheep

    Drawing cartoon animals like this sheep is pretty straight-forward. Head, body, legs… and lots of wool!

  • Draw Cartoon Pigs. That can fly!

    With drawing, anything is possible! Animals can talk, dinosaurs walk the earth… and yes – pigs can fly!

  • A Crazy Cartoon Monkey

    In this lesson, draw a cartoon monkey of your very own – one that appears to have gone completely bananas!

  • Friendly Cartoon Wolf

    In this lesson, draw a cartoon wolf of your very own – one that appears to have gone completely bananas!

  • Create Unique Dragonfly Drawings

    See what different shapes, patterns and colors you can come up with as you learn to draw unique dragonflies.

  • How to Draw a Rhinoceros

    Charge into this cartoon drawing lesson and learn how to draw a cute-looking rhinoceros.