How to Draw a Cartoon Apple

Cartoon apple drawing of the red delicious variety.

A cartoon apple is something we’ve tackled previously here on the site. Still, I wanted to have another go at it… here I approached the lesson in a slightly different way – even easier for you to draw now – I hope!

Let’s draw it.

First Step – The Base of the Red Delicious Decides its Shape

When it comes to drawing anything circular – we can usually get away with a framework based on just that – a simple circle. Here though – with this particular variety of apple, you can see how while circular/ovular on top… it does sort of curve down and around, creating several small ‘bumps’ at the base.

And so – let’s account for this…

Drawing an oval for a cartoon apple. Drawing a square for a cartoon apple.

At the bottom of the line, the squared off portion makes it easy to ‘branch off’ from the upper curve… gradually taking on the realistic form of the lower part of this type of apple.

Let’s see it happen…

Second Step – How to Draw an Apple

Working down the central part in the beginning, bring your fruit into view using the following examples to help you progress. Remember! These steps should serve as only a basic guideline. Feel free to adjust the shape, size, look of your apple – in any way you choose… as always!

What to do…

Drawing the first two lines of the cartoon apple. Drawing the stem of the apple. Drawing the leaf stem of the cartoon apple. Drawing the leaf of the cartoon apple. Finishing the cartoon apple drawing. Drawing of a cartoon apple.

A touch of red (or yellowish green if it’s a ‘Golden Delicious’) – and our fruit takes on a much more convincing look. A little bit of detail, and you’re all done!

How did yours turn out?