How to Draw a Cartoon Baby

Cartoon baby drawing showing the full body and smiling, and wearing diapers.

We all know babies are cute, and a cartoon baby – cute just the same! In this lesson, let’s take a look at how to draw a generic-looking baby – one that you can change to your own liking as you progress.

If you refer back to some of previous people drawing lessons, you’ll notice that there is a similar structure to the way I created each one – Man, Woman, Boy & Girl. I recommend you take a look at a couple of them again as it will help to guide you through this one.

Now before we get going, have a look at the finished cartoon baby to the right. What features ‘stick out’ the most to you? What makes a drawing of a baby look like an actual baby? How about this…

  • Babies have BIG heads and BIG eyes!
  • Babies have smaller limbs with respect to body proportion
  • Babies have shorter, less-visible necks

Like with any drawing, it’s important to understand its structure so that you can maintain proportion, and of course – draw something that looks how it’s supposed to look! The three points above come into play as they help to give us a better understanding of how the framework of a baby is drawn.

Let’s begin…

Stick person cartoon baby drawing.

First Step – A Big Cartoon Baby Head!

Take a look at the framework to the left. Remind you of any other lessons on the site? Again, compare this framework to some of the other cartoon people frameworks – and the cartoon alien too. Note the differences.

If anything, the framework here resembles the alien more so than the other people. And this makes sense – not because babies look like aliens!… but because babies are smaller – and undeveloped. It’s important to show this in your drawing.

And so, go ahead and sketch out a framework just like the one on the left. Make the head big and the neck and limbs short. Position the cross so that the eyes will be aligned more so toward the lower part of the circle.

And so, when your framework’s all ready, continue on by starting with the face and head of your cartoon baby like so…

Drawing the face of the cartoon baby. Drawing the head of the cartoon baby.

On with the face! Again, babies have big eyes. Draw them in as nice big circles… or ovals if you like! Don’t be afraid to use your own ideas as you move along through this lesson.

Then, with the eyes in place, move on to the rest of the face, followed by the actual head. Use the circle and the cross to help position your lines.

Do this and when you’re all done, continue on with the body…

Drawing the upper body of the cartoon baby.

Second Step – The Body, Arms & Diaper

Now it’s time to draw the body of your cartoon baby – along with the arms, and no – we can’t forget the diaper!

Depending on what you’re drawing, there are different ways – or different orders I should say, to go about it. In this case, I advise you to begin by placing two curved lines on either side of the center of the framework to form the core body.

Next, leaving a small space where the arms connect above each line you just drew, sketch in a couple more smaller lines to bring out the neck area of your cartoon baby.

Do this and then go ahead and tackle the arms. It’s much easier with the help of a framework, don’t you think? OK, let’s move on down to the diaper now…

Drawing the first part of the diaper. Drawing a diaper for a cartoon baby.

Diapers pretty much all look the same. They’ve got this big white flap that secures the diaper from the front. Draw this first, similar to how I’ve done above. The side portions come next, and are much easier to draw once the center’s in place.

Well, just about finished now… let’s wrap things up with the legs, hands, feet, and some details…

Final Step – The Legs, Hands, Feet & Details

Using your framework, sketch in the legs of your cartoon baby. Take a close look at mine below. See how they can be simplified to eight curved lines? Draw yours in the same way, and then move on with the rest of your baby drawing like so…

Drawing the legs of a cartoon baby. Drawing the hands and feet of a cartoon baby. Black and white lined drawing of a cartoon baby.

The hands and feet of your baby should be small and sort of ‘stubby’ looking. As usual, hands can be a bit tricky, but sketch them out off to the side of your paper a few times, and things will work out just fine. Circles for guidelines are quite helpful for this.

Finally, when everything else’s in place – complete your cartoon baby drawing by sketching in some additional details. In my case – a belly button, the pupils of the eyes, and some curved lines to bring the ears into view. In your case? Whatever you like! Get creative!

And there you have it… how to draw a cartoon baby! Hope you enjoyed this one – stay tuned for more drawing lessons soon to come!