How to Draw Cartoon Bamboo

Cartoon bamboo drawing of stalk growing from a pot.

In this lesson, I’ll show you a simple way to draw cartoon bamboo – not the kind you’d see out in the wild, but the kind that many people put in their homes for decoration.

With respect to drawing, this particular plant all comes down to four separate parts… a vase on the bottom, the main part up the middle (stalk), the stem seen branching off to the left, and the foliage at the very top.

As you can see, this drawing really is quite simple in appearance. And so, while drawing your plant – I recommend you come up with some of your own unique ideas. For example…

  • Design your own unique vase at the bottom
  • Draw the stalk so it twists and turns
  • Add another stem with some more leaves

In short, get creative and make your drawing uniquely yours.

And now, let’s draw…

Here’s How – Draw Your Plant in Four Simple Parts

First up, I think it’ll help if you draw a couple perpendicular lines. This will aid in forming the vase, as well as keeping the plant in line as you work your way up to the very top.

Here’s how it takes form…

Drawing the framework for cartoon bamboo. Drawing a pot and the base of the cartoon bamboo. Drawing the stem of the cartoon bamboo. Drawing some leaves for the cartoon bamboo.

As mentioned in the intro, do try some different things with respect to the various parts of your drawing. Similar to how you often see them in stores, the stalk would look kind of neat if you were to draw it as a corkscrew, or even in the shape of something else – say, a heart.

All finished? Great. Time to add some color!