How to Draw a Cartoon Banana

Cartoon banana drawing showing the fruit peeled open and ready to eat.

When drawing a cartoon banana – the easiest way to tackle it, is by drawing its shape as a simple arc, as it would look before you peel it. Since this really is quite simple to do, I thought if would be fun do draw one that’s just been peeled instead.

Let’s get started!

First Step – Planning the Banana About a Cross

It almost feels like we’re about to do some calculus at first… the ‘x and y’ structure to help establish the curve of your banana. Really though, it’s helpful in visualizing and sketching out a blueprint – to more easily map out the shape and ‘peel off point’.

Looks like this…

Drawing a cross for a banana. Drawing an arc for a cartoon banana. Sketching the shape of the cartoon banana. Mapping out the peeled sides of the cartoon banana.

Kind of neat… a little bid complex too even. But sometimes, a little analytical ‘left brain’ thinking will help to stimulate the right.

Anyway – time for the lines!

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Banana

Using the four examples below, go ahead and bring your fruit into view step by step. Use the central cross to help reference the lines as you draw them in. Or… just follow the steps without the framework.

What to do…

Drawing the peel of the cartoon banana. Completing the peel of the cartoon banana. Drawing the fruit of the cartoon banana. Drawing of a cartoon banana, colored yellow and white - and peeled open to eat.

So all in all – drawing this fruit, peeled out like you see it depicted in the final image above – isn’t all that difficult.

Whenever we draw something curved – while at the same time attempting to achieve/maintain a shape that resembles something specific… it can be a challenge to nail that ‘specific form’.

I hope this approach offers some new insight into yet another way to go about making the drawing process easier for you. 🙂