Cartoon Bat Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Drawing of a cartoon bat - small, grey, and cute with its wings spread out.

Here’s a fun little lesson… drawing a cartoon bat in six easy steps.

Beginning with the face, and working your way out – and down from there… you should have no problem in recreating this little guy.

This lesson serves as a nice example as to how drawing simple well placed lines can yield the desired image with very little effort. There’s no need to go into great detail when drawing a bat like this one. Just take a look at the finished example above… very simple-looking indeed!

Here’s how to go about drawing one of your own…

First Step – Draw the Face

However you like, go ahead and give your bat a simple face – one that’s similar to the one I’ve drawn below. You can change the size of its eyes, mouth, etc. Leave out the tongue too if you wish!

Here they are – three phases to develop a nice simple head…

Drawing the face of the cartoon bat. Drawing the head of the cartoon bat. Drawing the ears of the cartoon bat.

Above, it’s the order to which I drew the bat’s head that is important. Begin with some simple face details – and then work your way out from there. Do keep in mind though, it may be easier for you to draw the head first as it nails down the proportion early on. In drawing it face first however, it’ll save you from erasing afterwards… your choice! 🙂

Next, how about a body for this little creature?…

Second Step – Give Your Cartoon Bat a Body and Some Wings

Ok, now it’s time to move on down the drawing and using a small oval — sketch in a body. Bigger? Smaller? The same!? It’s up to you. Just come up with something nice and simple. The feet fall into place quite nicely once the body is in place.

And with the body and feet drawn, be sure to add the wings!…

Drawing the body of the cartoon bat. Drawing the wings of the cartoon bat.

It may be helpful to measure off a set distance from the center, before drawing each wing. This’ll help you keep to about the same length on either side. Also, feel free to play around with the design of the wings. The ones I drew are very simple. Yours? Even more simple if you like. The shape of the bat has already been determined – have some fun as you come up with your own version as to how the wings should look!

Alright, how’s your bat look now? All that’s left is drawing the details…

Drawing of a simple, happy black and white cartoon bat character.

Final Step – Cartoon Bat Details

With only a few simple, well-placed lines… you can ‘bring your cartoon bat to life’ with very little effort.

Take a look at the example on the left — simple curved lines bring out the smile, the wings, and the toes. Add other details as you feel necessary.

And other than this… I’d say this little cartoon bat is about ready to take flight! Any ideas for how you’ll use your drawing? In terms of Halloween, bats would surely make for nice decorations around the house. Lots of possibilities here! Guess it’s time to get out those pencil crayons!

Well, you’re all done. Good job and see you again soon for another lesson! 🙂