How to Draw a Cartoon Bell

Cartoon bell drawing

Here’s an easy lesson… how to draw a simple cartoon bell.

Take a look at the example and you’ll quickly see — there’s really not too much to it. Still, if you want to get your bells looking like this one – or symmetrical at least, it helps to use some sort of reference.

Here, your reference will be two rectangles – one for the top part, the other for the bottom part of your bell.

Furthermore, the use of a centerline will come in handy as you do your best keeping the left and right sides of your drawing equal.

Let’s begin!…

First Step – Deviate from Your Guideline to Draw a ‘Bell Curve’

All right, let’s draw this cartoon bell. Got your centerline in place? Got a couple rectangles drawing – similar to the ones I’ve sketched out below? Perfect!

Beginning at the lower left corner of the bottom rectangle, gradually bring the left (your left) side of your bell into view, deviating away from the ‘boxy’ lines of your framework. Just like this…

Drawing the side of the cartoon bell Intersecting points for drawing a cartoon bell

Then… once you’ve got the left side in place… take a look at the four points of intersection – the spots where your ‘bell curve’ crosses over the lines of your framework. Make a note of these intersection points, and then mirror them on the right side of your drawing. You ‘eye’ these points or even better — use a ruler. 🙂

Do this and it’s on to the next step…

Second (and final) Step – Mirror and Complete Your Cartoon Bell

It may take a few tries to get the look that you want. No – it doesn’t need to be perfect where everything on the right exactly matches up to the left. Still, a bell is a pretty symmetrical-looking thing, and so, the closer the better.

Once the left/right ratio makes you happy – the rest of the drawing is a snap…

Drawing the top of the cartoon bell Drawing of a cartoon bell

Some other things to consider? Well, as you can see above – the finished drawing is actually a bit bland. You can liven it up with some color if you like – gold or silver pencil crayons work well here. Also, you can add a design, some ribbons, or hey – why not draw some holly fastened to the top?

Holly it is! Be sure to check the Christmas section soon, as there’ll be a new ‘how to draw holly’ addition. 🙂

And that’s it! You’re now all set to draw simple cartoon bells!