How to Draw a Cartoon Boat

Cartoon boat drawing

In this lesson, drawing a simple cartoon boat – use your imagination to come up with a style that best suits your taste. Just want to cruise? Love to fish! Water skiing??? Subtle details can be added/subtracted to ensure you’ve designed ‘the boat of your dreams.’

Less dreaming – more drawing!

First Step – Here’s a Simple Guide to Draw Your Boat

Before you jump in, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at a photograph of a real boat so you can get a better sense of what components you’ll be adding subtracting. This step is important as really – boats come in all sorts of different models, sizes, styles… etc.

Below, using simple shapes – I’ve marked off key areas I wish to develop in my cartoon drawing…

Planning the height of the cartoon boat
Drawing the shape of the cartoon boat
Mapping out key parts of the cartoon boat

In your case? You might have marked off some long lines for fishing rods. Or maybe you want to add an ‘upper deck’ – a look out so to say. It’s at this stage – a little planning… where you can visualize your drawing before it becomes a drawing.

And now – let’s draw!

Second Step – Draw Your Cartoon Boat, Step by Step

Given the examples below – you should have a really nice experience in bringing the ‘boat of your dreams’ into view. And if that boat of your dreams just so happens to be a yacht, cruiser, etc. – sorry!… it’ll have to wait for another lesson! 🙂

Now then, here’s how to draw a simple boat…

Drawing the hull of the cartoon boat
Drawing the controls for the cartoon boat
Drawing the seat of the cartoon boat
Drawing the motor of the cartoon boat
Drawing the propeller of the cartoon boat
Drawing the details of the cartoon boat
Finalizing the details of the cartoon boat
Drawing of a cartoon boat

In the end, you’ve got a unique – stylized vehicle – one that can be personalized as well, just as I’ve pointed out with the ‘Name Your Boat’ logo on the side. So what is the name of your boat anyway!?!?

Well, time to take it for a spin! Nice job. 🙂