How to Draw a Cartoon Bone

Cartoon bone drawing

This cartoon bone is very easy to create, drawn about three lines and four circles. When you’re finished your drawing – incorporate it into a number of situations. To name a few… a skeleton, skull and cross bones, dog bone… see what you can come up with!

Let’s begin…

First Step – The Structure

With this ‘most common looking’ example – the same kind a canine would surely be interested in, coming up with a simple framework from which to make things even easier for you – is a snap.

Here it is…

Designing the blueprint for the cartoon bone
Planning the ends of the cartoon bone

Given this structure ahead of time – really though, it’s simple enough to create without it – you’ll be that much more comfortable with your work – knowing that it’s balanced proportion-wise before you even put the pencil to the paper!

Drawing time!

Second Step – Draw Your Bone

In whichever line style & curvature you choose – go ahead and bring the middle part of your drawing into view first. Notice below – how I don’t aim for perfection — just making use of the structure such that the lines fit ‘somewhat’ according to how I’ve mapped things out.

Step by step, here’s how it looks…

Drawing the mid-section of the cartoon bone
Drawing the lower ends of the bone
Drawing the upper part of the cartoon bone
Drawing of a cartoon bone

Simple enough I’d say. How did yours turn out? One of the key details that makes this one all the better, is the slight overlapping at the lines where the joint circles come together. Subtle changes like this help to give off a more 3-dimensional appearance.

And that’s that!