How to Draw a Cartoon Boy

Cartoon boy drawing

Like with drawing any person, a cartoon boy is no different. So, before you get going with the drawing part, it’s a good idea to first think about how you are going to go about it! Some ideas…

Think about the size of the boy. The framework will definitely be smaller than that of an adult.

How will you shape the boy? Will he be thin, or perhaps a little heavy-set?

Is there a particular hairstyle, clothing style, etc. that you’d like to bring out in your character?

Take a look on the right and quickly, you can see that I’ve drawn a very simple cartoon boy. The spiky hair, red hooded zip-up, baggy jeans, and white sneakers fit the part pretty well.

In your case, what kinds of details or other things could you add or subtract to make your drawing different? Remember, the whole idea is to be unique in your approach. Use my examples as a guideline as you come up with your own unique version.

Alright, let’s see how you do…

Drawing the structure and form of a cartoon boy

First Step – Structure & Shape

Similar to the other cartoon people lessons on the site, drawing a framework for your cartoon boy is a good idea. And unlike an adult, the framework of a boy will be similar – yet smaller.

The framework to your left is a lot like the one in the Introduction, previous to this lesson.

Once the framework’s set to go, the next thing to do is map out the lines that give your cartoon boy his distinct shape. See what you can come up with!

Some advice… use the centerline of your stick person framework as a tool to keep symmetry in your drawing. Often, proportion and symmetry – when maintained, can make the drawing process more enjoyable as you can spend more time and energy focusing on the important details.

Alright, things are looking good. With both structure and shape in tact, it’s now time to get going with the core part of this lesson — drawing a boy! Let’s go…

Next Step – Draw Your Cartoon Boy

Now that you’ve established the shape of your cartoon boy, going ahead with the defining details that define him as unique, will be a much easier task. Remember, this is to be your drawing. Use my advice to guide you, but ultimately… come up with something that is uniquely yours!

And so, follow along with the four steps below to commence with a unique drawing of your own…

Drawing the head of the cartoon boy Drawing the shirt of the cartoon boy Drawing the pants of the cartoon boy Drawing the shoes of the cartoon boy

The easiest way to go about this is to start at the top (the head) and work your way down from there. Use a cross to map out the face of your boy. Begin with the eyes, nose and mouth. Complete the head before you move on down the drawing.

In my drawing, I went with a very generic look. Kids often like to wear baggy, sporty, fun-type clothes. The zip-up, the jeans, and the big white sneakers… I thought – fit the part perfectly. But then again, in your case there could be some room for improvement. And by all means do! Get creative!

When you’re all finished, you’ve got a brand new cartoon person – different from any other because you’ve given the drawing your own unique touch. And this is important as one of the key things at learning and loving how to draw, is of course to come up with your own unique style! Congrats on a job well done! 🙂

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