How to Draw a Cartoon Cactus

Cartoon cactus drawing

Drawing a tree-part simple cartoon cactus like this one is very easy to do.

Take a look at any version of this plant and you’ll quickly see that its shape(s) consists of simple rounded segments, just like in the example to the right.

Of course, depending on the kind – these segments can appear thicker, skinnier, and either more or less plentiful than in the example.

For this quick drawing lesson, use the instructions as a simple starting point. Then, take a look at some photos of other cacti for ideas on how to come up with some unique designs of your own.

On to the drawing…

How to Draw a Cartoon Cactus in Just Three Steps

In this case, we’re drawing a plant in three simple parts – the middle, followed by two arms – one on either side. To create the appearance that its being viewed on an angle, draw the main part so that it’s slightly overlapping the first arm.

Like this…

Drawing the arm of the cartoon cactus Drawing the main part of the cartoon cactus Drawing of a cartoon cactus

As you can see in the middle example, this overlapping effect makes it appear to be turned ever-so-slightly, or as stated above — viewed on an angle.

OK, a few things left to do. Go ahead and draw in the second arm. Position it higher, lower, etc. Then, add a few curved lines to create the sand below, followed by a series of lines all around the perimeter for spikes!

And you’re done! Nice job. 🙂