How to Draw Cartoon Cake

Cartoon cake drawing

If you love dessert, and you love chocolate… then this cartoon cake is just what you’ve been looking for… to draw that is!

Delicious in every respect, when it comes to cake, for me it’s just got to be chocolate! And hey, if you’re really not into chocolate all that much, surely you can improvise with say… cheesecake?

But yes, this cartoon drawing lesson goes into a very simple way of drawing a slice of cartoon cake – one than can be changed in a many number of ways to suit your specific taste.

All set to begin? Excellent… here we go!

First Step – Design a Simple Cartoon Cake Framework

Before you tackle the actual drawing, it’s a good idea to come up with some sort of structure from which to base your drawing on. Here’s a really simple 3-step way to do just this…

Two lines for drawing cartoon cake Completing the side of the cartoon cake Creating the form of the cartoon cake

Simple indeed, begin by drawing two parallel – yet slightly off-set lines. Connect them to form a ‘parallelogram‘ just like how I’ve done above. And, once that’s done, go ahead and draw three more lines to form the top part of your cake, as well as a dividing layer within the cake.

And with a nice and simple framework in place, let’s continue…

Adding a candle to the cartoon cake

Second Step – A Candle and Some Icing

Working with a framework allows us to focus on some of the details before we actually go ahead and draw the main part of the cake.

In this step, I’ve gone ahead and drawn a candle on top of the cake, along with a thick layer of icing – just like the icing you would see on a real cake.

Now, you may have some ideas of your own at this stage… and I most certainly hope that you do! Cakes can be made and designed in so many different ways that… well – take your pick!

I’ll keep mine nice and simple, but if you want to go ahead and add some fruit, or maybe even a couple more candles, by all means please do.

And so, when you get all your ‘top layer’ details in place… let’s go on to the main (and final) part of the lesson…

Adding the icing lines to the cartoon cake

Final Step – Simple Wavy Lines

Once everything is in place up top, the main and final part of drawing your cartoon cake is actually very easy to do.

Because you’ve already got the perfect framework to work from, you can use it to easily map out the various layers of your delicious dessert!

Using the framework as your guide, follow along each framework line with random wavy lines to give off the appearance of a more natural-looking (and edible) cake. Do this, and before long – your cake will be complete.

And there you have it – chocolate cartoon cake to perfection! Or, whichever ‘flavor’ of cake you decided to go with – to perfection. 🙂

Very nice work!