How to Draw a Cartoon Carrot

Cartoon carrot drawing

This lesson – drawing a simple cartoon carrot… is very easy. And I did this on purpose, keeping things nice and generic – basic so that you can use the lesson as a benchmark for a carrot of your own unique creation.

Actually, this is the same with many of the lessons on the site. I’ll purposely omit ‘over detailing’ or over emphasizing things – letting you get the general ‘gist’ of whatever it is your drawing is supposed to look like.

On to the carrot!

First Step – A Carrot IS Two Triangles!

Yes – getting right down to the ‘simple shapes’ of things… that’s really all this vegetable is – two simple triangles. You can experiment with different ideas here (shape, size, curvature… etc.) – but in the end… that’s what we’ve got! 🙂

To draw a carrot…

A vertical line for drawing a carrot Drawing a triangle for a cartoon carrot Drawing the upper triangle of a carrot

Actually, this is kind of a skinny one. You might do better widening it out a bit. A bit more tempting for a rabbit this way.

And now we’re drawing…

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Carrot

Sequence taken into account, I’ve placed things according to the overlapping of various parts. Don’t get me wrong… a good eraser is nice for lifting lightly sketched pencil strokes here and there… but once you start recognizing patterns of objects, things, etc. — it’s just like learning a musical instrument.

You’ll just draw it without even thinking!! 🙂

Drawing the stem of a cartoon carrot Drawing the actual carrot shape Drawing the second part of the stem Drawing the leaf of the cartoon carrot Drawing the second leaf of the carrot Drawing the third leaf of the carrot Black and white drawing of a carrot Detailed drawing of a cartoon carrot Drawing of a cartoon carrot

Given a nice reference image – I bet you can really do wonders with this cartoon drawing. Details, shape, leaves… there are tons of ways to make this vegetable all the more unique.

As always – that’s what it’s all about!