How to Draw a Cartoon Castle

Cartoon castle drawing

I gotta say, creating this cartoon castle (the lesson too!) was a lot of fun. As a youngster, drawing castles was one of my favorite things as there are so many different ways they can look.

Of course, being a huge Lord of the Rings fan makes drawing them all the more special. It really helps with the ‘imaginative’ side of things.

In your case, working through this lesson… I recommend you try to to first imagine the kind of castle you’d like to draw. Sketch it out on paper as simple shapes. Rectangles and squares is all it takes — just stack them up as if you were using building blocks.

Then, once you’ve got the ‘look’ in place, take to this lesson and apply the sequence that I show you to create a new castle – one that’s uniquely yours.

Sound good then? Great! Let’s get building!…

First Step – A Framework for Your Cartoon Castle

So, got the design of your castle all worked out? If not… no worries. Ideas often come when things are already set in motion. Surely a few cool thoughts will pop up along the way. And when they do, feel free to apply new ideas to your design.

Just like building blocks, here’s how the simple structure of my castle comes into view…

Drawing the base of a cartoon castle Drawing the center part of a cartoon castle Drawing the top of the cartoon castle

Simple shapes, stacked one on top of the other, is all it takes to bring the look of your cartoon castle into existence. And referring back to what I said previously… don’t feel you need to stick with the design I have here. Use this as an idea stimulator. You can make your castle as wide or as tall as you like, using the exact same model that I’ve shown you above.

Stacking similar shapes and patterns in behind the original framework is a good idea too… it’ll give off the appearance that your castle is all the more massive.

Well, time to lay the bricks!

Second Step – Slowly ‘Carve’ Yourself a Castle

I say ‘carve’ because as you’re drawing your cartoon castle, it’s almost as though you’re actually carving it out of rock. The foundation of simple stacked shapes from the last step serves as the ‘rocks’. And from these rocks… you ‘carve’ the final look.

Beginning with the tops of the towers, as well as the inner curtain wall… here’s how to go about it…

Drawing the rooks of the cartoon castle Drawing the steeple of the cartoon castle Drawing the walls of a cartoon castle

Really, this whole process is quite simple. This castle is very square and so all you’re really doing – for the most part — is going over the original lines of your framework. This of course depends on how simple or complex you chose to make yours in comparison to mine.

Ok, the ‘basic-most’ part is all done now. Time to personalize your castle with details like windows, arrow slits, flags, etc….

Drawing of a cartoon castle

Final Step – Personalize Your Castle

Truly, there are all sorts of neat little details you can add to personalize your building.

To the left, you can see how I’ve added some lines over the door, three windows, a brick-like pattern on the outer surface, and even some flags. In your case? Here are some ideas…

You might want to add some vertically stretched windows called ‘arrow slits‘. How about a coat of arms or emblem to hang over the front gate? A princess in the window at the top? Archers on the towers? I know… draw some ROCKET BOOSTERS below the base — this way, your castle will appear to be floating in the sky! 🙂

Lots of cool things you can do in deed. And once you’ve decided what you’re going to do – and done them, get out the pencil crayons and further make your cartoon castle all the more unique!

Very nicely done. 🙂