How to Draw Simple Cartoon Cats

Cartoon cats drawing

Drawing cartoon cats can be a very easy task – especially when you take this lesson into consideration. Draw one cat here, and then go on to draw others, each one of a unique shape and characteristic!

To begin, we’ll start off by drawing a very generic feline – one that’s based on a simple framework of basic shapes. Then, once you’ve got the hang of the cat in this lesson, you can take things a step further and draw more.

Take a look at the cartoon cat on your right. Is this how you would have drawn it? What would you change? Different eyes, different body, shorter tail, brighter color… what would you do? That’s what we’re going to get at soon enough — drawing different cats of your own creation!

Sound good then? Alright… let’s get on with the lesson…

Framework for drawing cartoon cats

First Step – Create a Generic Cat Framework

First thing, draw a framework from which to base your cartoon cat drawing around. Draw it just like the one on your left… same as usual – a simple composition of very basic shapes.

Here you’ve got three circles (head, body and paws), two triangles (ears) and a couple lines – one for the arm, and anoterh that’s long and wavy… perfect for drawing a tail.

Something to keep in mind… while it’s completely OK to alter your framework a little to suit your own taste, I suggest you keep things as close to mine as possible. The changes that we’ll make afterwards will directly reflect back on this original framework that you draw now.

And so – ready to move on? Great… let’s continue!

Drawing the head of cartoon cats

Second Step – Draw a Simple Cat

OK then, go ahead now with the actual drawing of your cartoon cat. See if you can get yours as close to the original framework as possible.

In my case – on the right and below, you can see that the head and body of my cartoon cat perfectly line up to the circles in the framework. Do the same with yours.

Remember – normally I’d ask that you ‘branch off’ and get more creative. But again, at the end of this lesson, there’s something else I’d like to illustrate to you.

Drawing the arm and leg of cartoon cats Drawing the body of cartoon cats Drawing the tail of cartoon cats

So… take your time – draw your cat, and then we’ll continue!

All done? Good stuff. Now that you’ve got your cartoon cat all drawn, go ahead and finalize your drawing with one last simple step…

Drawing of cartoon cats

Final Step – Remove the Cat Framework

The last thing to do of course is remove the underlying framework. Do this by erasing your lightly sketched pencil lines from the first step.

And aside from this, you’re drawing is complete as you’re now left with what you wanted in the first place – a simple cartoon cat drawing. But it’s not over yet…

As mentioned above, I’d now like to take things a step further and let you see how it’s quite possible to draw a number of different felines using the exact same framework – the same framework that you used in this lesson.

Sure you could redraw this same cat and make some subtle changes for a different look. But I want you to see and do more!

When you’re ready, click here to see how one simple cartoon cat framework can yield an infinite number of different cartoon cats!