How to Draw a Cartoon Chameleon

Cartoon chameleon drawing

So, would you like to draw a cool-looking cartoon chameleon?

Look no further!

No question, these amazing little reptiles – long sticky tongues, spiraling tails, robot-like eyes, camouflage and all…

Have always been among my favorite animals.

So very unique and colorful, it was really fun to create my own original take on the creature, here in the form of a simple cartoon.

And yes, I invite you to do the same!

Let’s begin…

Draw a Cartoon Chameleon

Beginning with a simple framework then – a basic arrangement of shapes, something to help establish the overall structure of our subject, BEFORE we go ahead and map out the various lines…

Go ahead and do something similar.

Feel free *as always* – to branch off, and get super creative!

Framework for drawing a cartoon chameleon

Sitting like a dog, and slouched over a bit – giving off the same sort of skeletal structure, that chameleons have in real life…

Here’s how mine takes shape – beginning with its eye, and part of its head.

Here it is…

Drawing the head of a cartoon chameleon

Fading our previously-drawn lines to grey – next, go ahead and sketch in the right eye (or at least the part of that can be seen, anyway)…

And also – sketch in the lower mouth area, of your cartoon chameleon.

Here’s how mine looks now…

Continuing with the head of a cartoon chameleon

Now then…

Following from behind the reptile’s head – along its back, and all the way up and around, into a spiral for the end of its tail…

Draw a line that helps to bring forth the stance of our subject.

Many times, a line like this – and it’s a very good idea to do so…

Will serve as a "line of action" – something that helps to give you a quick and definite idea, of just that…

The "action" that it’s doing.

Begin the upper part of the leg too, like so…

Drawing the back and tail of a cartoon chameleon

OK – this cartoon chameleon is looking great!

Now then, go ahead and bring out its left limbs a bit more. Take your time, and sketch in those parts, which make the most sense. Think about what parts will be hidden (elbow), and why this is.

Here’s my version…

Drawing the arm and leg of a cartoon chameleon

Wow – what a funny looking character, it’s turning out to be!

How is yours looking?

Wait, let me guess… you gave your chameleon three horns! Or maybe, its tongue is stretched out – reaching for its next meal!

I hope you get super creative with these lessons, and I also hope that you’re always thinking of different ways you can draw the ideas presented.

Get outside that box! 🙂

Drawing the feet and tail of a cartoon chameleon

So now then, wrap up the lower side – to finish off its spiraling tail.

And yes, complete the left digits – somewhat like how I’ve done, in the drawing above.

Almost done!

Drawing the other feet of a cartoon chameleon

As above, you can see I’ve simply *mirrored* the limbs over, and added a couple more finishing touches.

And speaking of finishing…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon chameleon

You’re all done!

Well, except for the color – that is. And so much fun it is, to color a camouflaged chameleon… get out those pencil crayons and enjoy!

Drawing of a cartoon chameleon

In the end, we’ve got a neat-looking, super-original cartoon chameleon – one that, my guess…

Has never EVER been drawn before!

Hope you enjoyed the lesson, and as always – will see you real soon for another.

Oh, and thank you again for voting "Chameleon" – was really excited when I saw this!