How to Draw a Cartoon Chef

Cartoon chef drawing

Fresh out of the kitchen, time to draw your very own cartoon chef!

Some people imagine that drawing cartoon people is difficult. Well – good news! This lesson proves the complete opposite. Yes, drawing a cartoon chef is actually quite simple.

In other lessons, I asked you to use a pencil, and to keep your lines as light as possible. The same goes here. Be sure to use a pencil and to keep your lines very light so that you can erase certain lines as you progress.

Oh – lol, and please don’t be put off by the rubber chicken… surely you can think up something better for your chef to be holding by the time you’ve finished! 🙂

OK then, time to cook up your cartoon chef!

Two simple shapes for drawing a cartoon chef

First Step – The Body of Your Chef

Like with any other cartoon drawing, a cartoon chef can be drawn using simple basic shapes. So, start your cartoon chef by drawing his body. Two circles – one big and one small… will do the job just perfectly.

So first, go ahead and draw a large circle for the main part of your chef’s body. When I say "main part" I mean the torso and belly. After that, draw a smaller circle on top. Make sure it overlaps the bigger circle slightly. This one will become your chef’s head.

Simplifying the shapes for drawing a cartoon chef

Alright, now that both circles are drawn, your next task is to make sure that the head stands out. You want the head to look as though it is set in front of the body – a little 3D illusion I guess.

So, get out your eraser and ever so carefully, get rid of the top part of the bigger circle – the part that overlaps the smaller one.

Good stuff! Now you’ve got the perfect framework for your cartoon chef. Next, you can start to develop your drawing further… let’s give your chef a face!

Sectioning the head of the cartoon chef

Second Step – The Face

You’ve got a perfect circle to work with. Just like in previous lessons, draw a cross directly over the circle. Try to center it as best as you can. And keep those lines light!

With the cross in place, you can now very easily map out your chef’s face with some more simple shapes. For example… how about some eyes, a nose, ears and a mustache?

Let’s give it a shot!

Drawing the face details of the cartoon chef

The nose goes right in the center of the cross (the face). So,draw a circle directly over the center of the cross. After that, draw the eyes and then the ears… also as circles.

…and I just can’t resist! My cartoon chef had to have one of those big "chef-like" mustaches. It’s up to you. If you want, you can either leave the mustache out all together, or you can even save this detail until the end.

But if you do want to add a big mustache like mine, do so by drawing two large "teardrops". Notice that each side of the mustache (each teardrop), is angled so that it looks to be falling… both upwards, and inwards towards the chef’s nose.

Very nice… OK – now let’s give your chef a hat and a coat!

Drawing the hat and coat of the cartoon chef

Third Step – Hat and Coat for Your Chef

Time to give your your chef his trademark outfit – a tall “popcorn-like” chef hat and a big white coat!

Let’s make this real simple. All the hat is, is a rectangle and four circles. Start by drawing a rectangle so that it overlaps part of the chef’s head. How much it overlaps is up to you! *Tip, draw your your rectangle so that it’s wider at the base and skinnier at the top.

Popcorn hat right? Right. And so, to make the top of the hat looking like popcorn, go ahead and draw four circles. Arrange them in a semi-circle fashion. I suggest to draw two lower outer circles so that they are bigger, and two upper inner circles so that they are smaller.

Cleaning up the drawing of the cartoon chef

Once you’ve got your hat all mapped out, add a couple triangular extensions to the lower left and right areas of the big circle. Now it almost looks as though your chef is wearing a coat.

OK, now take your eraser and erase the inner and unwanted lines that make up the chef’s hat. Get rid of the top part of the head, the top part of the rectangle, and the inner parts of the four circles that make up the "popcorn-like" area of the hat.

For the coat, erase the lower outer corners of the circle that makes up the chef’s body. Try your best to blend the triangular parts in with the body so that it looks like a big bell.

Looking Fantastic! On to the arms and legs…

Drawing the hands and feet of the cartoon chef

Fourth Step – Chef Arms and Legs

Yes, the arms, the legs… and the hands and feet too!

This is a very short story of rectangles circles and ovals. Very simple, and very quick. First, for the arms and the legs, draw rectangles. Draw them however you want – just make sure that they extend from the same (and opposite) points on your chef’s body.

For example, I made my chef’s arms so that his right arm is raised slightly. His legs however are both exactly the same. It’s always easier if you make the arms and the legs symmetrical.

Cleaning up the cartoon chef drawing

Alright, once you’ve got the arms and legs in place, draw in the hands and the feet with circles (hands) and ovals (feet).

OK, the next thing to do is get rid of some more unwanted lines. Right at the ends of the rectangles – where the hands meet the arms and the feet meet the legs, do a little erasing.

For the hands, erase the portion of each rectangle that overlaps the circle. For the feet, do the same thing for each oval.

Oh, and while you’re down near the feet, why don’t you draw another line below each of the ovals. Draw each line so that they are the same length as the oval, and so that they’re directly below and parallel. Then, follow the ends of each new line upwards so that they connect with the ends of each of the ovals.

Nice, now your cartoon chef has some shoes on his feet!

Fifth Step – Hands for Your Cartoon Chef

If your cartoon chef has shoes, you don’t have to worry about drawing his feet. However, the same is not true for his hands.

So then, using the circles as your guide – the same as you’ve been doing for every step so far, carefully draw your chef some hands. The important thing is that you keep to those circles. Don’t get to carried away… keeping proportion is crucial so that the hands don’t look all weird when you’re finished.

I strongly recommend – that first, before you do anything to your drawing… to practice drawing some hands on a separate sheet of paper. Alright, take a look at the image below:

Drawing the hands of the cartoon chef

This is how I developed my chef’s right hand. I made it to look as though he’s giving the "OK" sign. Notice how I resorted to the classic "stick-person-style" of drawing to aid in getting the proportion of the fingers and the thumb right? Well, go ahead and do the same.

Once you’ve figured out how you want to draw your chef’s right hand, move on and tackle the other. I drew mine to look like it’s holding something (a rubber chicken?^^)… or even to look like a clenched fist. Same thing here, use some simple lines to first map out the fingers and the thumb. Then, draw them in before erasing the unwanted lines.

Drawing the fist of the cartoon chef

Remember… don’t deviate from the circle too much. Use it as your guide as best you can. That way, when both hands are finished, they look about the same size.

Cleaning up the drawing of the cartoon chef

So, got your hands looking the way you want them? If not don’t worry. Hands can sometimes be really frustrating to draw. They do take some time to get right.

If you like – because this is just a cartoon chef, and not a realistic chef drawing… feel free to draw "mitton-like" hands instead of those with fingers and thumbs. Makes the whole process easier and it really doesn’t affect the look of the finished drawing too much! 🙂

When you’re all finished drawing your “practice” hands, go ahead and draw the real ones.

Alright, your cartoon chef is almost finished! Time for the details…

Drawing of a cartoon chef

Sixth Step – Details

Next it’s time to give your cartoon chef his very own unique and original look!

First, tackle the face. Give your chef a couple eyebrows by drawing two teardrops. Similar to the mustache that you may have drawn earlier, draw the same two teardrops, but smaller and upside down.

Then, finish off the eyes. Two small dots drawn inside each eye will do just perfectly for your chef’s pupils. And for the ears, a couple curved lines inside each one will make them stand out just a tad more. Great! The face is now complete!

Drawing of a cartoon chef with a chicken

Alright, still need a few more details. Next, give your cartoon chef a scarf. The easiest way to do this is to re-draw your chef’s nose and mustache – only smaller. Also, instead of two teardrops, you can make the ends of the scarf look more like two leaves. Pretty simple.

OK. Now some buttons for the coat. Draw six small circles for these. And also, some short curved lines on his shoes for shoelaces. Great… anything else?

Oh yes… the rubber chicken. Well actually, pretty much anything will do. How about a spatula or a rolling pin? What about a knife or a spoon? It’s up to you!

Cartoon drawing of a chef

Final Step – Define Your Lines!

The final step in drawing your cartoon chef is to define your lines! So, take our a black pen or marker.

Go over your drawing with the black pen or marker. And as you do so, feel free to change some of your previous lines. You may want to make a line more or less curved. You may want to change the positioning of the eyes. Whichever, it’s your call. Just make sure that you’re careful as this is the final and most important step!

Gone over all your lines? Satisfied with the look? Alright then, get out your eraser and get rid of the underlying framework. When it’s all done, all that’s left is the finished product… your cartoon chef!

Congrats on a job well done!