How to Draw a Cartoon Chicken

Cartoon chicken drawing

It seems only right, knowing how to draw a cartoon chicken is a must with respect to drawing cartoon animals. Well, here it is!

In this lesson, I decided to go with a rooster with its trademark ‘comb‘ and ‘wattle‘. The comb is red and located on top of the head – the wattle is also red and located below the beak.

And with respect to the actual drawing method, I decided to change things up a little. In other lessons, you used a variety of shapes to form a framework. Sometimes, there’s no framework at all. Well, here we’re going to create our drawing using only one simple shape.

Sound interesting? Great! Let’s get going then…

First – Draw Your Cartoon Chicken Using a Circle to Guide You

So then, all you need to do first is sketch a circle on the page in front of you. Keep it nice and light as just like with other frameworks, you’ll be erasing it at the very end. Keep in mind – the circle is to be used as a reference point. All parts of your cartoon chicken will actually be an extension of this one shape.

Let’s begin…

A circle for drawing a cartoon chicken Drawing the eye and beak of a cartoon chicken Drawing the top of the cartoon chicken's head Completing the head of the cartoon chicken Drawing the wing of the cartoon chicken Drawing the feet of the cartoon chicken

Oh – did I mention that this was a very short lesson? Yup, all there is to it, is referring to the circle with respect to each new line (or part) that you draw. Following along with the six steps up top, you get a nice idea of the sequence.

Alright, let’s add a tail, any other details you like, and well – that’s all!

Drawing of a cartoon chicken

And Then – Add a Tail and Some Details

I saved the tail for the very end as it’s best to focus on the core part first. Have some fun with it… I decided to go with the ‘rubber glove look‘. 🙂

And after that, think about the kinds of colors you could apply to your drawing. White like mine up top? Sure, why not. Or — yellow, brown… green!? Do whatever you like.

Using one simple shape is an effective way to help visualize the structure of what you are drawing. And you can do this with anything really… a large oval for a cow, a long rectangle for a crocodile… there are tons of possibilities for this method to be effective in helping you draw.

And there you have it… that wraps up the cartoon chicken drawing lesson!