How to Draw Cartoon Christmas Lights

Cartoon Christmas lights drawing

Cartoon Christmas lights are a great addition to many types of Christmas-type drawings. You can put them on rooftops, around windows, on bushes… and of course – on Christmas trees!

If you’re working on the Christmas tree drawing lesson, putting up the Christmas lights is a ‘must do’. And guess what? It’s a very simple task as you’ll very soon see.

As you work through this lesson, keep in mind that Christmas lights are stationed along a wire. Of course for our purposes, the ‘wire’ is actually a line. And so, once you learn how to draw them the way I show you, feel free to twist and turn this line so that your lights take on an entirely different position and look.

Let’s start drawing these lights…

First Step – Christmas Lights On a Wire… Shapes On a Line

It all begins by drawing a simple horizontal line just like the one you see below. We know that Christmas lights are situated on a wire. Well, in terms of drawing cartoon Christmas lights… the wire is just a line – a wavy line that is!…

A drawing of a simple line
Drawing of a curved line

And remember… if you like, go ahead and draw any sort of line you wish. Make it twist, turn, wrap around things… etc. The next step is drawing the actual lights, and regardless of how the lines looks, they’ll still be placed at equal distances apart along it.

On to the second step…

How to draw cartoon Christmas lights

Second Step – Draw the Christmas Lights

Begin drawing your cartoon Christmas lights with a simple square, just like the one you see on the left.

Then, similar to the ornament in the previous lesson, sketch an oval above the square so that it overlaps the top.

Now, with the oval in place – go ahead and erase the portion that overlaps the square so that all that’s left is something that looks like a Christmas light – the bottom being the light-holder, and the top being the actual light.

Actually, you may want to draw the holders so that they’re a bit skinnier, longer, etc. No problem. And change the shape/size of the bulb too! It’s completely up to you as to how you want your Christmas lights to look.

OK… one last step and you’re Christmas lights are complete!

Final Step – Draw Your Cartoon Christmas Lights at Equal Distances Apart

Now for the actual placement of the lights. No matter how you drew the wire (the line), you should make sure that each light is ‘about’ the same distance apart along it. I say ‘about’ because I don’t want you stressing over getting it perfect. Get it close… that’s good enough!

Drawing the first Christmas light

And so, work your way from left to right (or whatever suits you) until you’ve placed all your Christmas lights along the wire. Here’s how mine turned out…

Drawing a number of cartoon Christmas lights

Take a closer look above and you’ll see that yes – the lights do look pretty evenly spaced. BUT… take an even closer look and you’ll see that they’re not! And that’s OK. The main thing is that they’re acceptable enough to pass as Christmas lights!

So how do yours look? Well, I’m sure you’ve got the hang of it now. From here, why not draw some more! And then, give your cartoon Christmas lights different colors and draw them on a cartoon Christmas tree!