How to Draw a Cartoon Christmas Tree

Cartoon Christmas tree drawing

Drawing a cartoon Christmas tree is a snap. And not only is it simple, but in terms of how it’s drawn, it’s very similar to putting up a real Christmas tree.

When you put up a real tree, you start of course with the tree itself. Then, on go the lights, followed by decorations. The last and often most important step is to put something at the very top of the tree… usually a star or an angel.

Drawing a cartoon Christmas tree is no different. Start with the cartoon tree, and then draw the rest in pretty much the same order.

As you progress through this lesson, remember that there are many different types of decorations that you can put on a Christmas tree. I’ll be making some suggestions along the way but if you want, feel free to substitute them with whatever you like.

All set to begin? Great… let’s ‘put up’ that tree!

A triangle for drawing a Christmas tree

First Step – Putting Up the Cartoon Christmas Tree

When you think ‘Christmas tree’ what kind of shape do you first think of? A circle? A square? How about a triangle? Of course!

So, before you do anything else, draw a nice big triangle on the page in front of you. Be sure to draw it nice and tall too, but be sure you leave some space at the top and bottom of the page.

At the end of the lesson, you’ll need this space to draw something at the top. The space at the bottom is reserved for the trunk or tree stand.

Drawing the Christmas tree around a triangle

The next step – similar to some of the other lessons here on the site, is to draw out the shape of your cartoon Christmas tree using the triangle as your guide.

Start at the very top and working your way down the side, draw spikes just like I’ve done in the example. The triangle helps to keep everything in place as you draw.

When one side’s complete, go back up to the top of the tree and do the same thing to the other. Then, finish it off with a nice big ‘swoop‘ at the bottom.

Drawing the trunk of the cartoon Christmas tree

The next step is to get rid of the triangle underneath your Christmas tree. Go ahead and erase the triangle before you continue.

The only other thing to do in terms of the actual tree, is to something on the bottom – stump, tree stand, etc. I went with the stump as it’s nice and simple. If you plan on putting lots of presents under it, you may want to leave this area empty for now.

Well, now you’re all finished the main part of your Christmas tree. So, what next then?

How about some decorating! Just like in real life, drawing the decorations on a Christmas tree is a lot like putting up the real ones. And just like on a real tree, let’s go ahead and begin with the lights…

Adding lights to the cartoon Christmas tree

Second Step – Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights always help to give that extra "Christmasy" look. Better yet, they’re really easy to draw!

Basically what you want to do is come up with something like you see to the right. Click here for the Cartoon Christmas Lights lesson. And when you’re all done, continue below to string them up on your tree.

I suggest four or five rows of lights – the ones at the top shorter… and the ones at the bottom wider. Remember, this is a cartoon drawing and so, keeping things simple is a good idea.

Make sure you leave some room for the decorations coming up next. The more space you leave to draw them, the less of a hassle it is because you don’t have to worry about erasing.

So, how’s your cartoon Christmas tree looking now? Much better with the lights isn’t it!? Just wait until you’ve got the whole tree covered in colorful decorations!

Alright, let’s get going with the next phase of the lesson… drawing some basic cartoon Christmas tree ornaments!

Adding ornaments to the cartoon Christmas tree

Third Step – Cartoon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every Christmas tree’s got to have ornaments. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors – but the most common ones are shaped like spheres.

Just as you did with the lights, check out the Christmas Tree Ornaments drawing lesson for a quick and easy how to lesson. Then, come on back and we’ll continue.

Alright, now you know how to draw simple Christmas tree ornaments. So, go ahead now and draw them on and around your cartoon Christmas tree. Space them out for a nicer overall look.

Oh – and make sure you get the hooks alternating as well… some facing left, some facing right.

Alright, your cartoon Christmas tree is looking fantastic now. But, there are still a few more things to do. For example, why not ‘sweeten’ it up a bit with some delicious cartoon candy canes!…

Drawing candy canes on a cartoon Christmas tree

Fourth Step – Candy Canes

Candy canes at Christmas time are a must! They make for excellent decorations and taste great too.

Can you guess what I’m going to ask you to do now? Yes – you guessed it… check out the Candy Cane lesson to learn to draw simple candy canes for your Christmas tree. Then, c’mon back and continue.

And, once you’ve got the hang of drawing them, go ahead and ‘hang’ some candy canes on and around your tree. Similar to the ornaments, make sure some of them are facing left, while others face right. Draw them on angles too for a more realistic look.

Wow, this Christmas tree’s really looking great now isn’t it! That’s what happens with a real Christmas tree too… the more lights, ornaments, etc. you put on it – the more spectacular it looks. But even still, there’s one thing missing… something that goes on top!

Drawing of a cartoon Christmas tree

Final Step – The Finishing Touch!

One last step and you’re all finished. And lucky for you – this is a drawing… no need to go and get a ladder!

A ladder? For the star of course! Well, surely you could draw an angel too if you like. Or perhaps even something different. Either way – go ahead and draw something on the top of your cartoon Christmas tree to finish the job.

If you like, check out the Cartoon Stars drawing lesson for a simple guide to draw near-perfect-looking cartoon stars.

Well, it’s just about time to wrap things up now. But then again – you can keep going if you like. There are still other things to consider adding to your tree. Tinsel, popcorn, figurines, presents… see what you can draw up!

And then, when you’re finally ready – give your cartoon Christmas tree some color, similar to how I did in the beginning of the lesson. Make it bright, bold and extra-Christmasy!

Congrats on some very nice work! 🙂