How to Draw Cartoon Clothes & Accessories

A great subject for ‘the designer in you‘…

Drawing cartoon clothes (and accessories!) is a fun way to test out your new designs, logos, looks, etc. for clothing worn in real life…

Or for clothing that’s sported by the many different cartoons and characters you’ve created.

A great example that comes to mind…

Is t-shirts!

These days, coming up with your own unique t-shirt logo (often funny ones) – is quite popular.

Cartoon Clothes

And here, once you learn how to sketch out a simple t-shirt of your own…

You can use the design to test out all sorts of slogans, emblems, etc.

Of course – it doesn’t stop there. Tons of ideas come to mind…

Hats, sweaters, watches, dresses, a ring – sunglasses!

For sure – the possibilities are endless.

So, care to try on one of the following lessons for size?

Beginner   |    Intermediate   |    Advanced