How to Draw a Cartoon Clouds

Cartoon clouds drawing

Don’t you just love those fluffy-looking cartoon clouds that you see on TV and in video games. You know… like the ones at the beginning of "The Simpsons"…

Well, clouds are probably one of THE most easiest things to draw – hands down. And here, I’ll show you exactly how and why this is true!

As you’re working through this lesson, please don’t forget that there is more than one way to draw a cloud and if you feel like changing parts of your drawing – then by all means — please do! After all, clouds are extremely random creations (just like fire), and so there are endless possibilities as to how they can be drawn.

Look up… waaaaaaaaaaay up… it’s time to draw a cartoon cloud!

An oval for drawing cartoon clouds

First Step – Draw an Oval

On the page in front of you, go ahead and draw a nice-looking oval just like the one to the left.

Keep in mind, you can draw any shape you want at this stage. A circle, triangle or even a square would also be perfectly acceptable.

Still… clouds do most often take an ‘oval-like’ shape. It seems to be a bit of a standard. Anyway, let’s start with the oval and if you’d like to change it up later on, then please do.

On to the next step..

Drawing arcs around an oval for a cloud cartoon

Second Step – Draw ‘Humps’

Once you’ve got your oval drawn, the next thing to do is draw randomly spaced and sized ‘humps’ just like I did on the right.

So, go ahead and follow along the perimeter of the oval, drawing humps along the way. Yes, it’s the ‘humps’ that give the cloud it’s ‘fluffy-like’ appearance.

Looking at the cloud I’m drawing, you can see that I’ve paid close attention to trying to make each hump similar to the next one. But, there’s really no need to. Keep things random and don’t be so worried about making it look perfect!

And finally…

Drawing of a cartoon cloud

Final Step – Give it Depth!

Last thing… give your cloud some depth. This is where you can really make your cartoon clouds STAND OUT.

So, go back to the humps that you drew in the previous step. And again, keeping things random and all.. extend the lines of select humps so that they cross the perimeter and enter the ‘inner area’ of your cartoon cloud. Only do this to some of the humps as too many changes will take away from the overall look.

Wow – what a quick and easy lesson! Do you agree? I’d have to say indeed… clouds are one of the easiest things to draw. And now that you know how to draw cartoon clouds, why not draw a whole bunch more – enough to fill the sky!

Congrats on some really good (and quick!) work! 🙂