How to Draw a Cartoon How to Draw an Cartoon Clownfish

Cartoon clownfish drawing

Not exactly a Disneyesque version – this cartoon clownfish, is one I made up, completely from scratch.

Looking at a photo of a real one, I was able to take away – various qualities, which help to convey when someone looks at the finished work, that YES… this is indeed, what it’s supposed to be.

Bright orange. White stripes. And few other things…

See what kind of unique spin you could put, on a variation of your own.

Let’s draw!

Let’s begin…

Drawing a Cartoon Clownfish

So here we are below, with a very simple arrangement of basic shapes – something to act as a placeholder, keeping the structure of our soon-to-be sea animal, in check.

Doing this before-hand, whether on paper – or on the computer, using your favorite program – works wonders for getting a head start on your work.

Don’t be worried about getting things perfect the first time. And don’t be so worried about erasing, either.

Quick, sketchy, messy lines are where it’s at – gradually brining the subject into view.

OK – to our cartoon clownfish!

Framework for drawing a cartoon clownfish

Fading out from above, those ovals act as a couple excellent markers – helping to show us *where exactly* – everything comes together, on this fish.


Go ahead and sketch in the eye, mouth, cheek, and a couple fins – like so…

Drawing the face of a cartoon clownfish

And next up – fading our previous lines to grey (so you can more easily see what you’re doing)…

Give your fish an eyebrow (yes, and eyebrow!) – part of the mouth, and even another fin – just (or sort of) like this…

Drawing the fin, mouth and eyebrow of the cartoon clownfish

Alright – things are coming along nicely…

Next up – go ahead and mark in the body of your fish. Those ovals, we’ll really come in hand here.

Remember though – no need to go *exactly* about the (or ‘A’) framework, like I’ve done here… it’s all about seeking out, and implementing – what works for you.

I just include them, because they help a lot of people get the basics down – especially when first starting out.


Drawing the body of the cartoon clownfish

Now then, go ahead and mirror over the eye, followed by marking in those stripes.

You’ll see in the finished example, I’ve made them a lot thicker. This is something you can do here if you like. Sometimes, at the end of the lesson – I’ll make revisions, based on whichever "look" – to decide to go for.

Drawing. Always evolving!

Drawing stripes on the cartoon clownfish

So just about finished now – here’s what the final version looks like, minus any underlying framework lines.

Remember, on your paper – yours will probably be lightly sketched pencil lines, or perhaps even non-photo blue colored pencil marks (these are amazing!).

Here it is…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon clownfish

And voila!… in color…

Drawing of a cartoon clownfish

There it is!

Reminiscent of Nemo from the Disney movie? Maybe not so much. And this is a good thing. Love coming up with totally unique cartoon characters that no one ever – has drawn before.

It’s absolutely THE BEST THING, ever.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!