How to Draw a Cartoon Cobra Snake

Cartoon cobra drawing

Charming our way, into another lesson – this cartoon cobra snake, is actually pretty simple to draw.

And yes – we can really see why, when we examine the simple framework, as well as the line of action, as seen in the initial step below.

Keep in mind *as always* – this is one of infinite chances for you, to really branch out – and come up with a unique creation of your own.

So sure, copy the steps as they are if you like – but even better…

Turn your snake into something totally original and awesome!

Let’s begin…

How to Draw a Cartoon Cobra

Here we are again, mapping out a simple arrangement of basic shapes and lines…

A framework!

And yes, again – I’ve gone ahead, and outlined those shapes and lines – in color – making the initial visualization of our cartoon animal character, THAT MUCH clearer.

Can you make out, the basic composition of this, curled up cobra – ready to strike?

Framework for drawing a cobra snake

And so yes – composition in place, let’s now fade out to a lighter shade – and then begin sketching in the various lines, which will bring our animal into view.

Beginning with the snout, and the yes, the eyes – here’s how this cobra starts taking shape…

Drawing the head of a cartoon cobra snake

And then yes, fading those first few lines out to grey (this makes it easier to see what you’re doing – and what you’ve already done!)…

No go ahead, and sketch in the eyeballs, and around the side of the snake’s head.

Just like this…

Drawing the eyes and head of the cobra snake

Next up – it’s on to some of the details – those *key features*, that when someone looks at your cartoon cobra drawing – they’ll probably say…

Yes – that’s definitely a cobra snake! 🙂

Drawing the flap of the head of the snake

Twisting and turning, the next lines are placed… carefully bringing the body of this cartoon snake, into view.

Notice how by drawing the line of action, ahead of time – we have a much better idea as to how and where these lines should go?

You know, you don’t have to draw a framework like I do. You can just *visualize* this in your mind.

That’s what happens, when you keep on practicing! 🙂

Drawing the main part of the snake

Other side of its head now – and yes, down along the interior of its *snaking* body, with another curvy line…

Drawing the interior of the snake

And then finally – go ahead and finish off the lines of your cartoon cobra snake – by following it all the way up – to the very tip, of the tail.

It may take a few tries to get this nice and smooth.

But hey, that’s what it’s all about. Make a ton of mistakes! And get really good – in the process! 🙂

Drawing the bottom of the snake

Sharp as ever now – here’s how our little snake turns out…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon cobra snake

And then *BAM* – some color…

Drawing of a cartoon cobra

And you’re all done!

Bet you never saw a cobra this cute before? Actually, it’s kind of hard to tell. On one hand, it’s all cute and cartoony, yet on the other hand…

It’s ready to strike!

Well, there you have it – really hope you had fun with this. Having a ton of fun, creating these lesson.

See you soon for another. 🙂