How to Draw Cartoon Cows

cartoon cows drawing

Drawing cartoon cows – animals which are similar in shape and size to horses, *might* be a little bit tricky in comparison to drawing horses.

In this lesson, the framework for the cow you’re creating is simplified more so than the one for the horse. Take a look at the horse drawings lesson to see what I mean.

In the horse lesson, the framework used is very straight-forward… a close likeness to how the finished horse will actually look. This isn’t true with the cow though — its framework is ultra-simplified leaving plenty room for your imagination.

What’s neat though, is that the two lessons – horses and cows, are interchangeable. You can draw either a more realistic horse/cow or a more cartoonish horse/cow, based on whichever method you choose to use.

OK – let’s get a mooove on!


First Step – A Simple Framework of Only Four Ovals and a Few Lines

The framework for drawing cartoons cows in this lesson – again, is not very similar to that of which we used to draw a horse earlier on.

Here, unlike with the horse… I’ve simplified the framework – only adding the necessary elements in order to come up with a truly cartoon-looking cow.

Here’s how to go about it…

Simple shapes for drawing cartoon cows A framework for drawing cartoon cows

Draw the two large ovals first for the head and body. Then, draw the next two for the snout and the left ear. The curved lines going over the head are to help you place the eyes, nostrils, and other features of your cartoon cow.

OK, now that we’ve got a framework, let’s get on with the actual drawing!…

Second Step – Drawing Heads for Cartoon Cows

With only a few ovals and a couple lines to work with, you’ve got lots of freedom in terms of how you want the head of your cow to look. Truly, the framework that we’re using could be used to draw other animals (pigs? sheep?) – not just cows.

So then, in order to ensure that your drawing looks like a cow, here are some examples for how its shape comes to be. Keep in mind, the key features of a cow’s head are the eyes, nostrils, ears and if you like… horns…

Drawing the face of a cartoon cow Drawing the horn and ear of a cartoon cow Drawing the horn and other ear of a cartoon cow

The bumps on the top of its head are also very ‘cow like’. Draw them in, and other details too… just don’t get ahead of yourself at this stage. I recommend leaving the rest of the details until the end.

Now, let’s go ahead and draw the rest of this cow…

Third Step – Drawing the Body of Your Cow

With respect to the body, there are a couple obvious points to keep in mind. Unlike horses, cows usually have a back that sort of ‘dips down‘ before it goes back up again near the behind. Be sure to include this feature in your cartoon cow. The other thing? The utter!

Here’s how this cow takes shape in four phases…

Drawing the legs of a cartoon cow Drawing the body of a cartoon cow Drawing the utter of a cartoon cow Drawing the body of a cartoon cow

Something that should really stick out here – in comparison with the horse and unicorn lessons, is how the legs of the cow is drawn. Notice how simplified these ones are! Always remember, when drawing cartoons – it’s OK to simplify the odd feature here and there. The key is knowing what parts you can do it to, and just how far you can go!

Well, just about finished now. Let’s get rid of the cartoon cows framework and fill in the final details…

Drawing of a cartoon cow

Final Step – All Done!

Once the framework is gone, all that’s left is your cartoon cow drawing.

As for details, there’s really not a heck of a lot to add. Pupils, some lines on the horns perhaps… curved lines to bring out the hooves… oh – and a tail! Can’t forget that. 🙂

And now for what may just be the most fun part of this lesson… coloring! Decide what kind of cow it is you’re drawing… holstein? jersey? highland? Once you decide, color your cartoon cow accordingly. Notice up top, I went for the holstein look – white with black blotches.

Well hey… good work. You now know how to draw your very own cartoon cows!