How to Draw a Cartoon Crocodile

Cartoon crocodile drawing

Shish kabob-style cartoon crocodile! What the heck do you mean by that? To explain, first take a look at the finished drawing in the following example…

Looking at this animal from its side, we can actually simplify its shape to one horizontal line, with shapes positioned along it. And yes – this is similar to how food looks when placed on a skewer to form a shish kabob! I mentioned this same idea previously in the dragonfly drawings lesson. Feel free to have a look.

Anyway, that’s what you’ll be doing here… developing your own cartoon crocodile drawing using this ‘shish kabob-like’ method.

Let’s get to it!

First Thing – Put the Shapes of Your Crocodile on a ‘Skewer’

In order to make this whole ‘shish kabob’ idea a reality, the first thing to do is draw a horizontal line on the page in front of you. So, go ahead and do that now.

After that, position each shape that will compose your croc along the line – from the tip of its snout to the end of its tail. Like so…

Horizontal line for drawing a crocodile
Drawing shapes along a line for a crocodile

Once you’ve got the head and body ovals, along with the triangular tail in place… the next thing to do is mark off three key positions – the eye, the arm, and the back leg. I did this with vertical lines as you can see. But really — simple dots will work just fine.

Here’s how it looks…

Sectioning off the shapes for drawing a cartoon crocodile

Pretty simple so far isn’t it! In the next step, we’ll get into the actual drawing part. Simple, curved lines – referenced in accordance to this ‘shish kabob’ framework will prove this lesson to be pretty easy after all.

Let’s continue…

Second Step – Draw the Head

Working from left to right, and from head to tail… the next thing to do is begin your actual drawing. And as you can see in the examples below — I recommend that you begin with the eye, nostril, and a curvy line for the mouth (in my case ‘upper’ mouth)…

Drawing the eye and mouth of a cartoon crocodile Drawing the head of a cartoon crocodile

As for drawing the head that takes shape in and around the smaller oval of your framework, I encourage you to come up with your own unique look. A few dips, twists and turns of the pencil – inside and beyond the oval… will indeed reveal an entirely different looking cartoon crocodile – one that’s uniquely yours!

Give it a shot… see if you can tap into that extra-creative side of yourself! When you’re finished the croc’s head… let’s keep going with the body…

Final Step – Drawing the Body of Your Cartoon Crocodile

Well, you’re just about done now. Once the head is in place, all you need to do after that is – follow suit! Working your way from left to right, draw in the upper part of the back and tail, the legs, and finally – the underside.

Use the following examples as a guideline to help you stay on track…

Drawing the back of the cartoon crocodile
Drawing the feet of a cartoon crocodile
Drawing the underside of a cartoon crocodile
Drawing of a cartoon crocodile

And there you have it. Straight and to the point — you now know how to go about drawing your very own cartoon crocodile!

What’s next then?

Details of course! And some color too. Have fun and see you again soon for yet another cartoon animal drawing lesson. 🙂