How to Draw a Cartoon Desert

Cartoon desert drawing

You’d think – when drawing something as desolate as a cartoon desert… that there’d be much less to draw. And based on the simplicity of this drawing lesson – this is true!

Here, after a little planning before-hand… let’s recreate one of our own, incorporating a few subjects to make this landscape look that much more as it’s supposed to.

First Step – Positioning is Key… Drawing Becomes Easier.

Just like the beach from previous, go ahead and map out the components of your landscape, according to how you visualize yours to look.

Planning for three main sectors – the sand appearing foremost in the picture, followed by the dunes in behind, and finally the sky – here’s one way to go about the planning part…

Creating a framework for drawing a cartoon desert
Positioning key elements in the cartoon desert drawing

When it comes to subject-based lessons, I will usually go into more detail with respect to the various shapes which compose something. Here for example, instead of including all details (shapes + lines) as a framework for both the skull and cactus – one simple shape in each case helps to mark off their position in relation to the BIGGER picture at hand.

Of course – if you wish to develop this part further, by all means do!

And when you’re ready… let’s continue.

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Desert

First up in our drawing – those parts which appear closest to the observer – the skull, the cactus, and the first area of sand that can be seen… should be drawn first! In tackling those things appearing closest to the eye, we can gradually bring other components into view, those things which are further away.

Step by step, use these examples to help you progress…

Drawing the arm of a cactus in the desert
Completing the cactus in a cartoon desert
Drawing the skull and the sun in a desert
Completing the skull in a cartoon desert
Drawing a wavy line for a sand dune
Drawing more lines for dunes in the desert
Linework for drawing a cartoon desert
Black and white drawing of a cartoon desert
Drawing of a cartoon desert

And when you’re all done – colored and all… this picture looks that much more like the desolate landscape we had originally set out to create.

Of course – it doesn’t have to stop here. Another run, and you may find the Egyptian Pyramids in the background… a small lizard scurrying around… a camel! Use your imagination and have fun!

See you next time!