How to Draw a Cartoon Devil

Cartoon devil image

Before drawing a cartoon devil like the one on the right, it’s a good idea to first visualize how you’d like it to look.

In my case, I wanted it to have a small body and a big head. And so – as you’ll soon see below, I came up with a simple guideline that reflects these two factors.

As for the pitch fork – the classic ‘devil-like’ weapon… it’s important to plan ahead of time on how you’ll position it with relation to the rest of the devil’s body. Here, I drew it after the hands – yet before the the limbs and body.

Alright, let’s get on with the lesson. And to start, let’s come up with a simple framework from which to design a unique cartoon devil of your own creation!

Here goes…

Framework for drawing a cartoon devil

First Step – Cartoon Devil Planning

By ‘planning’ of course, I mean framework. And in sketching out a simple framework, it’s important to take into account, the position of each part that composes your devil.

Using a cross and some circles, go ahead and bring into view, the shape and stance that your devil will eventually take on.

Notice how the circles that are to become the claws – are offset. With respect to drawing the pitchfork, you may want to consider one of two different ways. One – diagonally across the front, like in the finished example. Or two – positioned like a walking stick – grasped vertically in the devil’s right claw.

If you go for the vertical method, the top of the pitchfork will likely cover part of the devil’s face. In this case it would be best to draw the pitchfork first – before anything else.

I recommend for now, that you keep yours closer to mine. This way, when you’re finished… you can always go back and draw it a different way.

OK – let’s continue…

Second Step – Draw the Face & Head of Your Cartoon Devil

Making use of your circle guideline, draw the eyes, mouth and nose of your devil. Have fun here — keeping in mind that there are many ways it could look. Smaller eyes and mouth? Bigger nose? Eyebrows? Anything goes!

Drawing the face of a cartoon devil Drawing the head of the cartoon devil Drawing the horns and ears of the cartoon devil

As for the lines that make up the actual head – see if you can curve and position them in such a way that they take on an entirely unique look. Go beyond – or stay within the framework… whatever it takes to get the job done.

And for the horns and ears? Completley up to you!…

Third Step – A Weapon for Your Cartoon Devil

Moving on down, the next thing to do is bring the claws of your devil into view, and in such a way that they look to be grasping something. In this case, a pitchfork!

But before you draw the hands, I recommend sketching out a simple path to help you position the weapon. This way, you can align the fingers of each claw accordingly so that they look to be grasping the pitchfork.

Here’s how to make it happen…

Drawing the body of a cartoon devil Drawing the hands of the cartoon devil

Drawing the pitchfork Drawing the devil's body

A tip for drawing the claws… make a clenched fist and have a look at it from different angles. Pretend that you yourself are grasping something – a baseball bat, golf club — whichever. Relate your hands and how they look to the simplified claws of the devil in this lesson.

All set for the final step? Excellent… let’s complete this cartoon devil!

Final Step – Draw in the Legs, Limbs and Details

For the last part of this drawing lesson, finish your cartoon devil off by drawing in the feet, followed by the limbs – and then finally… the details.

Use the following two examples to help with yours…

Drawing the devil's legs Drawing of a cartoon devil

Once you’ve erased the underlying framework, finalize your drawing with details. Give your devil some pupils, lines for teeth… bring out the inner ears – and add anything else that you feel will add to the finished look.

Anything else? Nope… that’s it! Great work on this cartoon devil!