How to Draw a Cartoon Dinosaur

When drawing a baby cartoon dinosaur – it only makes sense to include the egg. Inspired by ‘Yoshi’ from Super Mario Brothers, and even that amazing scene in the first Jurassic Park where we get to see the ‘Dino Nursery‘ for the first time… this little dino drawing is very simple to create.

Working through the lesson – keep in mind that there were!? many different kinds of dinosaurs. I’ve kept this little guy simple and generic enough that you can easily convert it into a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, etc.

Let’s draw!

First Step – A Simple Cartoon Dinosaur Guideline

To begin, go ahead and sketch out – lightly and with pencil… a simple grouping of shapes as you see below. You can probably guess – the top circle is the head, and yes the lower oval — the egg…

Two shapes for drawing a simple cartoon dinosaur A center line for drawing a cartoon dinosaur Planning the hands of a cartoon dinosaur

In the third drawing above, the green line helps to position the top of the egg – the area where the dinosaur has broken through the top. For now, a simple rough sketch of its position will work nicely. And soon, you’ll be able to ‘detail it up’ with a neat-looking cracked line.

So yup – time for the drawing part!

Second Step – Draw Your Baby Cartoon Dinosaur

Here, use the examples to guide you through the various steps in creating your drawing. Begin with the head, and slowly move down – or which ever way makes the most sense to you. Remember, always feel free to ‘break away’ – come up with – and implement — your own unique ideas.

Use the images here to help inspire you along the way!

Drawing the eyes and mouth of a cartoon dinosaur Drawing the head of a cartoon dinosaur Drawing the face details of a cartoon dinosaur Drawing the hands of a cartoon dinosaur Drawing the fingers of a cartoon dinosaur Drawing the lower part of the egg Drawing the top cracked part of the egg Drawing the back part of the egg to make it look 3D Drawing of a cartoon dinosaur

Simple. Symmetrical. Cute!!

All words I’d use to describe this lesson – it really is pretty straight forward – and fun to work through. How did you find it? How does your dinosaur look?

Some ideas as we reflect back for a second… you may have changed the look of your drawing so that it better resembles a specific type. For example – a horn on its nose, a circle behind it’s head, and then a couple more horns on top (left and right)… and you’ve got a triceratops. Or… make its neck longer – and you’ve got an Apatosaurus.

Well, that wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂