How to Draw Cartoon Dogs

Cartoon dogs drawing

If you’re a dog lover, than learning how to draw simple cartoon dogs would be a great skill to have. There are many different breeds, and as you’ll soon discover – if you can draw this dog, then you’ll be able to draw other as well.

Really! How does that work?

This lesson focuses on drawing a very generic-looking dog, one that uses a very simple framework. Once you get the one in this lesson down, then you can continue onward to draw others using this very same framework.

So, go ahead with the lesson. Take your time and do your best to follow along with each step as close as possible. Then, when your dog is drawn – we’ll take your drawing to a whole new level!

Here we go…

Framework for drawing cartoon dogs

First Step – Create a Generic Dog Framework

First up, draw a simple framework for your soon-to-be cartoon dog. Take a look at the example on the left and you can see it all comes down to a simple arrangement of basic shapes.

You’ve got a couple circles for the head and snout, and three more for the body, leg and paws. Three lines are used for the neck, the arm, and a tail.

As mentioned above, do your best to get your framework as close as you can to this one. Remember, when you’re finished your drawing – you’ll be using this exact same framework to draw other dogs – of different breeds, shapes, characters, etc.

Oh, and don’t forget… keep those lines nice and light… and penciled too!

Drawing the head of cartoon dogs

Second Step – Draw a Simple Dog

Alright… now it’s time to go ahead and begin your drawing. First thing then, have a look at the examples both to the right and below. Do the same as I have — start with the head and work your way down to the tail.

While your drawing, try and keep the core areas of your dog in line with the core shapes of the framework. For example, the head and body almost perfectly match up with the circles in the framework.

Draw your dog and we’ll continue…

Drawing the head and feet of cartoon dogs Drawing the body of cartoon dogs Drawing the arms and tail of a cartoon dog

So, how’d you make out? Dog drawn? Great! Next, it’s off to finalize your dog by getting rid of the original framework that you drew in the first step…

Drawing of a cartoon dog

Final Step – Remove the Framework

Now that you’re finished your drawing, go ahead and erase the underlying framework. This should be a snap as you’ve kept your lines nice and light from the get go.

And with that done – you’re done! All that’s left is your cartoon dog, exactly what you were aiming for!

Now as I mentioned above, we’re going to take this lesson a step further…

Let’s say that you wanted to draw another dog – or even ten other dogs. Well, dogs pretty much all have the same basic framework. No – not always exactly the same, but we can use the same one to generate a number of different dogs – different breeds for example.

So when you’re ready, click here to take your drawing to the next level and discover how one simple cartoon dog framework can actually yield an infinite number of different cartoon dogs!