How to Draw a Cartoon Dove

Cartoon dove drawing

This cartoon dove, a bird often used to symbolize peace – can be drawn in only a few easy steps. Use the shapes and planning that goes in before-hand… to make your bird unique to you and your style of drawing.

Taking flight…

First Step – The Big Picture. Note the Obscuring of One Wing.

In drawing this dove, it helps to first visualize HOW you’re going to go about it, before you actually place the lines. Because the right wing is set in behind the left (your right), it will appear somewhat smaller – and this is indicated by the size of the green triangles.

Can you see the difference? It’s slight. And it’s subtle.

Framework of a cartoon dove

How far you want to take this step, is completely up to you. It’s true – once you practice drawing something enough times – the brain will retain the various shapes/patterns/lines which compose it.

You might go straight to the lines. You might first sketch these shapes with light penciled strokes to be erased later on. You might just stare at this arrangement first for a while, and then progress once you have a good idea of how things will play out.

With all of the practice I’ve had over the years, I like to go straight to the eye, and work on down from there. While there is no visual framework on the paper in front of me… the pattern does exist in my mind – and I use the experience through practice and repetition – to put forth ideas on paper.

Now let’s start…

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Dove, Step by Step

Beginning with the eye and followed by the beak (notice it’s shorter than other birds)… go ahead and draw yours – using the following steps to help you move forward.

This is how the ideas come into play…

Drawing the eye and beak of the dove
Drawing the head of the dove
Drawing the wing of the dove
Drawing the other wing of the dove
Drawing the lower body and foot of the dove
Drawing the tail of the dove
Drawing of a cartoon dove

Graceful, peaceful – and even sad to a degree… is how I’d describe this bird.


Yours could very well look completely different. And if so… if you changed yours to look different – then wonderful. That’s what it’s all about.


If you didn’t change yours. And if you tried your best – also – to make your bird look exactly like mine… this is also good. The very fact that you are putting the pencil to the paper – means MORE practice.

Just remember to eventually branch off, and experiment with ideas of your own. 🙂