How to Draw a Cartoon Dragon

Cartoon dragon drawing

In this lesson, let’s tackle a different kind of cartoon dragon – a baby! Cute, cuddly and as it looks like in this case… pink.

If you’ve seen the Cartoon Lion lesson, than you will probably find this one quite similar. Here, you’ll draw a baby dragon by using simple guidelines to help keep symmetry, letting you focus more on the details.

As always, it’s important for me to stress that there’s really no one exact way to draw this dragon. Like many other dragons, this one’s got horns, wings, a tail, etc. But don’t feel that you need to stick to my plan. Come up with your very own unique style along the way.

And off we go to create a cute little cartoon dragon!

Head of the cartoon dragon

First Step – A Baby Dragon Head

First, draw a cross just like the grey one that you see to your left. The cross really does help in mapping out the face, and as you can see… it’s a very simple step.

Begin by drawing the eyes. After that, go on to draw the large "U" that becomes the snout of your dragon. Once the U is in place, continue on upwards drawing the cheeks, and the top of the head.

Something to keep in mind… if you intend to draw spikes like I did, draw them first before you draw the top part of your dragon’s head. In this way, they are set in front of the head as they are extensions of the skull.

Other than that, continue to draw whatever facial details you feel necessary at this stage. When you’re done that, let’s continue…

Drawing the body of the cartoon dragon

Second Step – Drawing the Body

Next step is to give your cartoon dragon a body. So, begin by extending the centerline of your cross down below the head. Draw the line as far down as you think you should. You can get away with a short line as this is supposed to be a baby.

Looking at the example to the right, you can see how the left and right sides are indeed very similar. Well, go ahead and do the same… I recommend beginning with the paws.

Draw two circles – one on either side of the centerline. Then, work your way up to the head of your dragon with two simple lines to form the arms/shoulders and the neck.

For the belly, all it is – is two curved lines. Begin at the lower outer side of each circle and draw the curves so that they meet at the same exact point on the centerline, just like they do to the right.

Drawing the wings and feet of the cartoon dragon

Fourth Step – Legs, Tail, Wings

Well, things are really beginning to look good at this point. Now it’s time to add some key features (along with the legs) that make your dragon look more like a dragon!

Similar to how you tackled the body above, draw in the legs – left equals right.

Once the legs are in place, it’s time to draw in a tail and after that, the wings. Pick a side to draw the tail. Actually, perhaps the tail is going straight back behind your dragon. In this case, it probably can’t be seen. Draw yours like this if you want.

The wings are pretty straight forward as well. Start with the left and right frames, and after – just like with other dragons… draw the "spokes" that divide each wing segment. Last, connect each segment with a curved line to form the webbing.

Almost done now!

Drawing the details of the cartoon dragon

Final Step – Neck, Belly & Details

Surely you must be pretty happy with your cartoon dragon about now. Now, go ahead and finalize it…

Before you can draw the neck and belly lines of your dragon, you’ll need to first define the area in which to draw them. Do this like I have on the left and right sides of the centerline.

I gave mine a tongue before I added the neck and belly lines – a good idea as it falls in front of the neck. But yes, do go ahead and next, draw some relatively equally spaced belly lines for your dragon.

With the lines in place, the only other thing you’ll need to do is draw eight simple curved lines to bring out the digits in the paws (hands, feet, claws, whichever)… of your cartoon dragon.

And then – you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed drawing this baby cartoon dragon! 🙂