How to Draw of a Skull

Cartoon skull drawing

Just in time for Halloween… a spooky cartoon drawing of a skull!

Skulls are actually pretty easy to draw, and the same is true for the one you’re about to draw. Follow along as shown and six quick steps later – presto… you’re done!

Because there are so many different ways to create a drawing of a skull, don’t feel you have to do everything exactly the way I do. Remember – this a cartoon drawing of a skull, and not a real one. So, you may want to give yours a bigger head, smaller eyes, etc. You may even want to add some horns! Whatever you decide… have fun!

Ready? Let’s begin.

Drawing the cheek bones and upper jaw

First Step – Upper Jaw of Skull

Alright, first draw a rectangle. Draw all three sides of it, except for the top. Make it so that the left and right shorter sides slant inwards just a little. Very soon, this part will become the upper jaw (and teeth) of your skull.

After that, draw two arcs – one coming from each end of the now-open rectangle. An arc is basically just a part of a circle. They will become the cheekbones of the cartoon skull.

Drawing the lower jaw on the cartoon skull

Second Step – Lower Jaw of Skull

All you’re doing here is drawing two unfinished rectangles – similar to the one your drew for the upper teeth of your skull previously.

First, draw an unfinished rectangle below the upper teeth. Make this one so that the bottom side is missing. Make it so that the left and right shorter lines slant outwards a little. This part will become the lower teeth of your cartoon skull.

Now, go ahead and draw one more unfinished rectangle. Starting just under each arc (cheekbone), draw a line that slants slightly outwards – away from the upper and lower teeth. After, connect the two lines at the bottom with a long arc. Good stuff – the chin of your cartoon skull is complete!

Drawing the head of the cartoon skull

Third Step – Head and Eye/Nose Sockets

The next three steps are super easy! All you need to draw are three circles and heart…

The first circle to draw is for the head. Start at one of the arcs on either side of the skull. Then, draw a circle. Make yours bigger or smaller than the one on the left… it’ll give your cartoon drawing some character.

And then, it’s two circles for the eye sockets. Again, you can make these bigger or smaller… it’s up to you. That’s the beauty of a cartoon drawing – you really get to create your own rules as you go!

Finally, and perfect for a cartoon drawing of a skull, make an upside-down heart for the nose socket!

Drawing the teeth of the cartoon skull

Fourth Step – Begin Drawing the Teeth

Birds from really really far away look like a curved "V". And for the top and bottom parts of your skulls teeth, you’re going to draw four of these "birds".

First, about three quarters of the way up the upper teeth, draw two birds, side-by-side – so that their "wings" are touching. In the drawing to the right, it looks like four small bumps.

After, draw two more of these birds under the lower teeth. But this time, flip them upside down.

Sectioning off the teeth of the cartoon skull

Fifth Step – Teeth and Mouth of the Skull

To give your cartoon skull some teeth – four on the top and four on the bottom, draw six vertical lines.

For each line, start at one of the three points made from the birds that you drew in step four. For the outer four lines, draw them so they bend slightly away from the middle of the drawing.

To complete your skull’s mouth, draw two more vertical lines.

One last step and your cartoon skull drawing is done!

Drawing of a cartoon skull

Final Step – Detailing Your Drawing

A few more things and you’re skull will look just right. First, give your skull drawing that extra-spooky look by drawing in two small circles for eyes!

Around the left and right sides of the eye sockets, draw a large arc (half of a circle) so that the skull looks a little more three dimensional. Do the same for the nose socket by adding two small curves on the inside of the top part of the heart (bottom part of the nose socket).

And lastly, draw a jagged line or two to give your cartoon drawing some character! That’s it… you’re all finished your drawing of a skull!