Cartoon Drawing Gallery

The Cartoon Drawing Gallery is a place to display artwork submitted from visitors to the site.

For quite some time in the spirit of creativity, and improving at drawing – I invited visitors to share their sketches, paintings, digital creations, etc. – by uploading their work to a number of different drawing categories…

Animals, Anime, Cars, Celebrities, Dragons, Famous Characters, Fantasy Pictures, Halloween, Holidays, Landscapes, Nature, People, Science-Fiction, Superheroes…

And Video Games!

It was really fun to see all sorts of various drawings – created and submitted by artists of all different skill levels, as it offers a whole new dynamic to the site.

Really, you never knew what you were going to see next.

Originally, the Gallery was a much larger part of the site – divided into many pages, similar to how the drawing lessons are organized. There was a main page (this one), along with a series of category pages – one for each of the topics listed above.

Cartoon Drawing Images from Site Visitors

After uploading their work, visitors were able to see their submission – displayed on its very own page, along with a title and a few paragraphs…

Describing what inspired their creations, how they created them, and also – encouraging others to leave feedback, by asking visitors to rate and comment on their work – using a form.

And for sure…

While this was definitely a really cool feature on the site – there eventually came a point where things got so big (and a little difficult for just one person to maintain), that it made more sense to display all the drawings – here in one central location, just like an art gallery.

Also, with everything all in one place – it’s much easier and quicker to view!

Of course…

If you’d like to see your art become part of this gallery – I’d be more than happy to add it. Simply send me a message using the contact form – and I’ll arrange so that you can send me your artwork by email, to be shown in the Gallery.

Be sure to include a title, and your name.

And so, please enjoy the Gallery below – and thank you very much again, to everyone who took part 🙂

Visitor’s Cartoon Drawings

The following gallery, is a collection of artwork submitted by visitors to this site: