How to Draw Cartoon Ducks

Cartoon ducks drawing

Next up… how to draw cartoon ducks! And in this case, I thought I’d go with the mallard – they’re fun to draw with their bright green heads and blue wing markings.

Mallard or not, the design in this drawing lesson is meant to be fairly generic. There are lots of ducks you can use it to draw… geese too!

While you’re working through this lesson, think about some different looks that you can come up with. For example… an open mouth… a larger eye… bigger feet… you can change your duck to look even ‘more cartoony’ by making simple alterations to the design presented here.

As always, be creative and see what you can come up with!

A simple framework for drawing cartoon ducks

First Step – Draw a Framework

For your framework, it really does only come down to a couple simple shapes. And because of this… I’d say drawing a duck like this one is pretty darn easy.

Have a look at the example on the left. Start by drawing the large oval for the body, and then… draw the circle in place for the head. Once these two shapes are positioned to your liking, draw two vertical lines for the neck and the feet.

Pretty simple, isn’t it!

If you like, draw in guidelines for the bill and the eye too.

When you’re finished this, let’s continue with the next step – drawing the head and neck…

Second Step – Draw the Head

Using the circle and vertical line, begin drawing the head of your cartoon duck – starting with the eye and the bill.

Like this…

Drawing the eye and beak of cartoon ducks Drawing the head and neck of cartoon ducks

In the above example on the right, notice the curvature of the line that composes the back of the duck’s neck. Keep in mind – this is a cartoon. Simplify this area with an only slightly curved line if you like. And same goes for the bill. It’s really just a triangle. Simplify it too to make things easier.

Alright – on to the body…

Third Step – Drawing Bodies for Cartoon Ducks

With respect to the body, I recommend you begin by putting the wing into place. Begin on the circle where you left off with the back part of the neck. Then, after the top part of the wing’s in place, cut back into the circle to finish it off. Once you do this, the rest of its body is easy to draw.

Here’s how the wing – followed by the body and feet, take shape…

Drawing the wing of the cartoon duck Drawing the body and feet of the cartoon duck

The main thing with drawing the body is that you use the oval as a reference point, for drawing lines that yield your own unique look. Notice I’ve cut into the oval near the tail area, yet went beyond the oval as the underside transitions into the neck. Play around with your lines until you get the desired look.

Alright, let’s see what the finished duck looks like…

Drawing of a cartoon duck

Final Step – Cartoon Duck… Complete!

Well, surely you can now see – drawing a cartoon duck is a whole lot easier.

I’ve left the final version looking very basic. It’s at this point, minus the underlying framework where you can decide what kind of duck it is your going to make it, and how you’re going to color it. For ideas… take a look up top once again at the mallard that I came up with.

And that’s all there is to it.

Have fun creating more cartoon ducks and see you again real soon for yet another drawing lesson! 🙂