How to Draw Cartoon Elves

Cartoon elves drawing

Here’s a fun lesson – how to draw cartoon elves – the ones that help Santa every year, keeping his toys and toy shop in top shape.

Here, I decided to go with a scene having posed and ready to put up the lights on a Christmas tree.

Here we go!…

First Step – Three Little Frameworks

Similar to other characters you might draw – here it’s quite the same in that it helps to map out and or visualize a framework (a simple arrangement of basic shapes)… before you actually start laying down the lines.

Here’s what it looks like…

Planning the heads for the cartoon elves
Drawing the stick people for the cartoon elves
Planning the positioning of the lights
Planning the tree and snow in the background

Pretty simple – right up until you get to the green line, draping in – around – and amongst, the three little people. This green line helps pave way the form that the Christmas lights take on.

In your case – see if you can rearrange this pattern Have them ‘set’ in your own unique way.

Second Step – How to Draw Three Little Cartoon Elves

From head (eyes!) to toe – use the following examples to help you slowly bring your drawing/scene, into view. Try out different ideas… see if you can change yours to best suit the style and look you’d like to work with.

Here are the steps – step by step!

Drawing the eyes of the cartoon elves
Drawing the faces of the cartoon elves
Continuing with the faces of the cartoon elves
Starting the hats of the cartoon elves
Drawing the hands of the cartoon elves
Drawing the hats of the cartoon elves
Drawing the bodies of the cartoon elves
Drawing the shoes of the cartoon elves
Drawing the light wire
Black and white drawing of cartoon elves
Drawing of cartoon elves

Agreed – this lesson is a bit tedious. And the main reason for this, is the sequencing involved with respect to the order by which you place the Christmas lights (bulbs and wire)… in and around the actual characters.

There are areas where it makes more sense to draw the bulbs first. Other places – the lines. But in the end, with patience and perseverance… it’s definitely worth the effort.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!

And have yourself (and your family too!!) a wonderful holiday. 🙂