How to Draw Cartoon Fireworks

Cartoon fireworks drawing

Cartoon fireworks can be drawn in a number of different ways. There are many different kinds, and after exploding… they take on a number of different shapes. In this case, let’s draw the kind that sort of ‘droop down’ like a willow tree or an umbrella even… after exploding in the sky.

Oh, and to help you get everything looking right, we’ll be using a unique ‘palm tree-like’ framework. This will aid in getting (and keeping) all of the falling firework flares in the correct position.

Let’s get started…

First – Create a Framework for Your Cartoon Fireworks

OK – first thing’s first. Let’s get going with a framework. In the examples below, I went with two colors – blue for the flares falling at the front… and grey for those that are seen to be falling in behind. In your case, I recommend using lightly sketched pencil lines for the front flares, and dotted ones in behind.

Here’s how it looks…

Framework for drawing cartoon fireworks Drawing more lines for cartoon fireworks

The circle at the top of the framework will become the ‘BANG’ – the spot where the explosion originates. As you’re drawing the curved guidelines for each of the flares, feel free to add more or less. OR… feel free to also have your flares exploding further from the center. You can even add some shorter lines in between for smaller flares if you like.

Framework ready? Great – let’s get to the drawing part!…

And Then – Draw Your Cartoon Fireworks

Alright. Once you’ve got everything all mapped out, you can begin to draw the various features of the explosion your attempting to create. And, with a framework to help you along, it becomes easier to arrange the various parts either in front or behind, according to the position of each one.

Here’s how it takes shape…

Drawing stars at the bottom of the fireworks Drawing lines for creating cartoon fireworks Cartoon drawing of fireworks

Start off by drawing the details (stars and circles to give off a ‘cartoony’ exploding effect). Then, once they’re in place, go ahead and draw the front flares, followed by the ones that can been seen in behind. And of course… use your framework lines to help keep everything in the right place.

As you can see in the third example above, I went back and erased a few parts of the stars to make them appear in between the flares. Do the same too if you like.

And after that, you’re all done. That’s one way to draw cartoon fireworks!