How to Draw a Cartoon Fishing Lure

Cartoon fishing lure drawing

Drawing a simple cartoon fishing lure like the one you see above – really is easy to do! This particular lure – known as a spoon – is very similar to one of the most popular types around… the Acme Little Cleo.

I decided to go with a ‘blue and silver’ color scheme, but also popular colors, are ‘green and silver’, ‘orange and silver’… and yellow with orange dots. But then again – you might want to go for the ultimate ‘Pike Lure’ – a Red Devil. Here, red and white stripes would do the trick!

Let’s begin.

First Step – A Simple Framework

Shaped, just as its name suggests – draw a simple oval or ‘spoon’ shape on the page in front of you. You can draw it any angle you like. This one works best for me!

Here it is…

An oval for a fishing lure drawing Using shapes to map out the design of the cartoon fishing lure

An oval – a circle, and a triangle… really — what could be simpler than that!?


Second Step – Draw Your Lure, Step by Step

Using your framework to aid in keeping proportion and form – go ahead and draw your lure – using the example below to help you progress. Remember – you can change the length/size/style of yours so that it’s something more to your liking.

Here’s how to draw it!

Drawing the main part of the cartoon fishing lure Drawing the small connecting link on the fishing lure Drawing the hook on the fishing lure Completing the hook on the fishing lure Black and white drawing of a cartoon fishing lure Drawing of a cartoon fishing lure

And of course – when you’re all done… give your lure some color!

Well, that’s all there is to it. Hope you enjoyed this super-simple drawing lesson. 🙂