How to Draw a Cartoon Flamingo

Cartoon flamingo drawing

Similar to the last lesson – Flamingo – here we’re drawing a cartoon flamingo… and as you’ll quickly see… the approach is much the same.

Working through this lesson, do your best to branch off and come up with your own ideas.

Let’s begin…

How to Draw a Cartoon Flamingo

First thing – create a simple arrangement of basic shapes – a framework… from which to base your bird around. Like an Flamingo, flamingos have long necks and legs.

Here’s mine…

Framework for drawing a cartoon flamingo

A couple more lines to make this bird – distinctly ‘flamingo’ – and not some other type of bird.

Here it is…

Key features for drawing a cartoon flamingo

Now, beginning with the eye and bead – bring the head of your bird into view…

Drawing the eye and beak of the cartoon flamingo

Do this, and after… sketch in the neck – using the framework to help guide you along.

As for the wing, sketch it in first before you go at the body in behind…

Drawing the head, neck and feathers of a cartoon flamingo

When you work ‘front to back’ – drawing those parts which appear closest to the observer first… the rest of the drawing – those parts which fall in behind – are much easier to draw.

Save yourself unnecessary erasing and overlapping by taking this approach!

Completing the body of a cartoon flamingo

Linework complete…

Finished drawing of a cartoon flamingo

And a nice color pattern closes the deal. Here it is…

Drawing of a cartoon flamingo

I don’t think I could ever get bored of drawing. There’s too much to create. And too many possible variations of the same thing… truly there are infinite possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique cartoon drawings.

Til next time! 🙂