How to Draw a Cartoon Flower

Cartoon flower drawing

Learning how to draw a simple cartoon flower like the one in this lesson is as easy as "one, two, three"… minus the three!

A lot of the time, when it comes to drawing cartoons – it’s the most simplest of drawings that have the most profound effect. For example, logos! When it comes to creating logos, simple cartoonish images get the job done just fine.

Besides, it’s nice every now and then to be able to draw something that doesn’t take very long to draw and still looks pretty good when it’s all done… something like this cartoon flower to the right!

Surely, this little flower could do wonders in a number of different situations… a card, a background, a painting, a decoration… and the list goes on. Change it a little by switching up the color and size of the petals and the possibilities are endless!

Let’s begin…

Drawing the top of a cartoon flower

First Step – Draw the Petals

OK, on the paper in front of you, go ahead and draw a near-perfect-looking circle. I say "near" because no, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Do try to make it a circle though…

Actually, if you have a protractor or compass, great. If not, try the bottom of a pop can or the lid of a container.

With your first circle drawn, just like the numbers on a clock – work your way around it drawing five more circles… each one a new petal for your cartoon flower.

Note: it may take a couple times to get it just right. The idea is that you want each outer circle overlapping the middle one ever so slightly. Not too much overlapping though, or else the petals themselves will over lap and it won’t look as good in the end. Take your time the first time around.

Drawing the stem and leaves of a simple cartoon flower

Second Step – Stem & Leaves

Alright, the second step is here, and yes – it’s also the final step! Yup, I really meant it when I said "very simple!"

The stem is first in this second and final step, and all it really is – is a straight line. I of course made mine a tad different… you can see a bit of a curve in the stem on the right. Still simple!

Once the stem is in place, draw in a couple of leaves. To do this, draw a couple of "pointed ovals," or even more descriptively… "cat eyes". See them?

Feel free to position the leaves wherever you want along the stem. Add more or less. Add none if you like! Up to you.

So there you have it… very simple indeed. Where to go from here? Well, as usual – I recommend some color. And if you draw a whole bunch (a bouquet perhaps?), then go all out with an assortment of different colors!

Congratulations… you now know how to draw a very simple cartoon flower! 🙂